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This was one of the most amazing concerts I have been to. His voice touches my soul, cheesy but true. The latest cd is amazing and almost worn out already!

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Our 4th trip to see Ben and the IC. He simply improves every time. He seemed much more comfortable taking the mic, going accapella and letting Micheal play more lead. A great show in a beautiful venue.

Here's hoping one day he plays Calgary...but 'til then we'll keep following him whereever.

Rob and Diane - Calgary

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What an amazing show! This is the 3rd time I've seen Mr. Harper and Co. live and it stood up to all the other times as equally amazing. We had 2nd row seats and were blown away with the set list and just how talented Ben and IC actually are. So soulful! The a cappella piece was breathtaking you could hear a pin drop in that place! I can't wait for the DVD to come out. Thanks Ben!

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it was my first ben show and i was blown away. i got the tickets for my girlfriend for her birthday and she said it was the best present shes ever recieced. for sure goin to see him the next time he's close openning act was awsome aswell great show ill never forget jd

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I cannot believe I have waited the better part of my adult years to see Ben Harper until this past Thursday night. But am I ever glad I splurged and bought pre-sale tickets. A totally amazing show and being a native from the Emerald City, I was equally impressed by how well the crowd reacted to BHIC music at such an amazing venue as the Paramount- like a 5 min + worship BHIC session and that wasn't even the encore! Was anyone else surprised by this? How anyone cannot be a fan is beyond me. I particularly enjoyed the break-out acoustic Where Could I Go. Did anyone else get goosebumps? Dear, sweet LORD! BHIC's music is so SOULful, lyrical and flat out sensational...I can't wait for my next concert.

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Great show. Defintely more chill than Wednesday. Awesome, loved fool for a lonesome train. Lifeline was incredible! Amazing.

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I flew up from San Francisco to see this show. Im a huge Ben Harper fan. This was an amazing show as always. The Bill Withers cover was awsome. This was different from any other BHIC show I have ever seen because of the venue. I could barely contain myself trying to sit down and be quiet during all of my favorait songs. But the subdued atmosphere was created because they were filming a live DVD. I cant wait to re live it all over again.

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PS: I just saw Neil Young and he only played Heart of Gold...out of the ones you mentioned....mind you he did 24 songs

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sorry YOU didnt like it....BUT what were you expecting---"the classics"?-- hes touring his new album and even stated that the show would have a different style---bringing back OLD RARE classics and classy-er....
Just saying that you might not of liked the set....but at least comment about the music.....not just their titles.....

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That was the worst setlist ever. Fuck, man. Would you go see Neil Young if he didn't play Heart of Gold, Hey, Hey, My, My, Ohio, Southern Man, or Keep on Rockin in the Free World? Fuck no. Smarten up for the next tour.

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If I could remember being born, last night is how I would want to remember it. Honestly,words cannot bring justice to the show, so I'll sign off!

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This was only the second time that I had seen Ben Harper live, the last time was @Bumbershoot, I believe was about 5 years ago, well I just checked it was in 2000. Like then I was impressed by Ben and the IC in how they were able to jam perfectly during songs and then turn them into another version of what you heard previously. This makes seeing Ben a new experience each time and gives his fans what they came for.

I was somewhat disappointed that he did not play "Wind Cries Mary" like he did last night. It was amazing how the crowd responded to his rendition of Use Me when he held the note for an incredible amount of time.

One last bit of info, I was absolutely impressed with Piers Faccini, pity that only a third of the house saw his great performance. I will definitely be on the lookout for him in the future.

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This show was different from last night but equally as good I thought. Most of the crowd sat the whole night than last, it was more mellow for sure. Some highlights again were Welcome to the Cruel World, 11th Commandment, and Use Me. Ready for next year!?

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What an amazing performance, this was my fifth Ben show and each one gets better. Ben singing acupela brought a tear to my eye. Amazing performances of Use Me and whipping boy. I thought the setlist was perfect. A great compliment to the setlist from the night before. This tour was said to be different then what they have done before. It was different, but it definetly didn't disapoint. Simply amazing!