11.17.07 Oakland, CA

Paramount Theatre with Piers Faccini

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As a real french fan I can say I traveled a long way to see you Ben !!
For my first concert you gave me the experience of my life, I have always loved your music but this time was so special to me !
After the show I could not leave without trying to see you, and how lucky have I been when I saw you coming down the stairs !! It felt unreal, but also so normal, like I have known you for years.
This was the best gift of my life and I will always remember it !

laegri85149's picture

Jake summed it up pretty well. The show had a great eb and flow to it. From the opening song Opression with Ben on accustic guitar and the rest of band on percussion, through Ben's screaming dynamic Weissenborn solo on Whipping Boy, to the harmonic I'll Rise, my mind never got tired of listening. Some concerts, at some point leave you to say to yourself "that's eniough of that", but after two hours or so, I left wanting more. The number one complaint I read of the tour was that it was not rockin eniough. Well, just because the band did not play with a bunch of distortion doesn't mean it wasn't rockin. It's energy that rocks, not distortion. Whipping Boy just built in intencity to the point that Ben, Oliver and Juan were a power trio. Juan had deep bottom to his bass and was right on with Oliver's bass drumb. The boomin vibe had me bouncing more than when the Hommies drive down my street with 6 sub woofers strapped on their cars. The Weissenborn is an extention of Ben. It is an incredibly dynamic insturment that he plays passionatly. The Life Line album may be my least favorite of his work, but Colors had the women dancing and that can't be a bad thing. Say You Will was high energy and definatly a fan favorite. When he came out and did Paris #7 for an encore, I marveled how so much melody can come from one man and his insturment. The final song of the night, Where Could I Go, just about choked me up. In the middle of the song he came out in the middle of the audience and sang with out a mic. The croud was respectfully quiet while Ben, unleashed his soul, marched back and leaped up on the drumb stand on que as Michael struck a loud chord on his Strat with the band joining in. WHAM! Words don't work for that moment. This was my first time seeing BHIC. The Paramont was a special venue that I"m sure he won't play again soon a great treat. I will make sure to see them every chance I get.


innocent81638's picture

Epic show! I've also been seeing Ben since '95, and it was one of the best!...and that is saying a lot.

Thank you, Ben!

Check out some of Whipping Boy and I'll Rise...


fondushka88291's picture

One of the best Ben shows to date, and we have seen him since 1995. Powerful, inspiring, and spiritual. The Paramount was the most beautiful theatre I've ever been in. Lots played off of Fight for your Mind. He took the crowd to 'that place'...you either went with him or you didn't. I went. It was awesome.
It was a pleasure to meet you and the band Ben, I'm glad I got the chance to thank you for your music.

annamaria911sf's picture

Phenomenal performance! Your music is true to life and so very inspiring. You amaze every time!

robrimi17611's picture

amazing!!!!! thanx again. well welll welll ... magic! oppression, people lead... so friggen good

drog48drog4880524's picture

From the chandeliers hanging above the stage, to Ben's
natty grey suit, you knew this was a somewhat
different BHIC show. The opening triple shot of
Oppression, When The People Lead and Gather Round The
Stone, was solid, nothing more, some killer conga but
mostly a tightening of the screws, getting the feet
wet, finding "it." Then, with Fight Outta You and In
The Colors, it became crystal clear that the new
songs, that sound, that groove, was NOW, their
creative and collective voice of the absolute present.
Each song from the new album was awesome, played to
perfection, with purpose, like it mattered, like it
was the first time. Say You Will and Put It On Me
rocked, torqued back and forth, swung. Ben strapped
on the strat for Heart of Matters and sat at the piano
for Younger Than Today. All Great. Other obvious
highlights, Gold To Me (light and danceable and
brilliant) and Whipping Boy (the closest to other BHIC
shows in terms of energy and drive) played sitting
with the acoustic slide on his lap. Never saw him
play better. The cover of Bill Withers' Use Me (look
it up) was sensual and cookin' and had the crowd
calling in response. Like A King/I'll Rise started
slow but by the end had the crowd on its feet,
thrusting clenched fists. The band was tight, having
fun. By My Side and Well Well Well were sweet and
just so right. It's a concert, meant mostly to be
listened to, sometimes from your ass, sometimes on
your feet, with some opportunities to sway and even
dance. It's a little restrained, none of the rafter
climbing insanity like at the Waldorf, nothing as
explosive as Ground On Down on a good night, but
AWESOME. The encore was Ben with the acoustic slide
on Paris Sunrise #7 and Lifeline. Doesn't get more
beautiful, more awe-inspiring than that. Then, She's
Only Happy In The Sun. Wow. And to
wrap it all up, I can't even tell you what he does on
Where Could I Go you'll have to see it to believe it!

johngiordani72247's picture

Really bummed. We saw the show last Saturday, and brought some friends for a special occasion to see this show, and arrived late. The show last Saturday was opening band at 8pm, and Ben at 9pm. For some reason this show was moved up an hour, so we missed the first hour. Really disappointed!