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Another great show! I enjoyed the venue... great acoustics. Nice to hear "Welcome to the Cruel World", "Paris Sunrise", and "Lifeline".

See you at the Claremont Music Festival.

shawnaf200652071's picture

Wonderful way to end a concert tour. So much love eminating from the audience. One of my most memorable concert moments. I cannot get enough of picture in a frame!

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So amazing, beautiful, spiritual, moving. Embodied love, creativity,passion. A special thank you being a family friend of Danny Riley. The encore is something I will never forget. Thank you from the bottom of my being. If there is a recording of that set I would love to have it. I know my whole family would love to be able to hear the music that shook and inspired Danny's soul too. So many thanks, and God Bless.What a special night!

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Just a quick response to the post above. Ben was NOT born in San Diego. He was born & raised in Claremont, CA outside of Los Angeles. There is an area of San Diego called Clairemont/Clairemont Mesa - but two very different places. San Diego has always loved Ben, though - I won't dispute that.

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I have only seen BH&ICs' 4 times, all in San Diego and there is a reason for that. The best shows are in SD and this was one of the absolute best ! Great energy, much fun and total enjoyment.
Bottomline, they kicked some serious ass in this wonderful theatre.

masterstylist8165016's picture

Best show ever, brought me to tears. Last song was mind blowing!! thank you

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Best BHIC show I have seen to date....HANDSDOWN

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Another amazing show. Possibly the best ever. An FYI for some fans. One of the reasons Ben is so special in San Diego is that he was born and raised here. I believe his parents still own a music store here. Local boy made good. Very good! Can't wait for the next show.

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I've been to many of Ben's concerts over the last 10 years and I have to say that last night was the best I've seen. I don't know anyone else who can sing and play with such emotion and inspire such positive emotion in the audience. Amazing. Come back soon.

shanon.jensen66050's picture

I have seen Ben at least 10 times. He is amazing everytime he plays. Civic Theatre was magical. Ben has some much range and talent. Pere's Fucinni?? was amazing too.

drog48drog4880524's picture

...setlist please!!!

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We learned that Ben doesn't need amplification to fill the concert hall with his voice.

Amazing. Come back to San Diego soon.

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Out of the three shows I saw on this tour this crowd had best energy and it seemed the band was enjoying themselves maybe knowing that it was the last show. Had a blast and bigups to leon and Jason for taking time to say hello.