02.29.08 Sanremo, Italy

Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo

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Ben Harper Setlist 1969-12-31 - Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo - Sanremo, Italy

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    (Jovanotti feat. Ben Harper)
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    (feat. Jovanotti)

At the 58th Annual Sanremo Music Festival, Ben played slide guitar with Italian sensation Jovanotti for his hit "Fango", and then played "Lifeline" with Jovanotti on backing vocals. The performance aired live on TV Rai Uno.

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cabo's picture

lore and ben are just brothers...

they are into music, into life, at least this is what I can see from here...
grazie, dario

preacher2k52579's picture

For those of you that missed this beautiful performance (probably everybody) you really should look it up on youtube. this was an amazing duet from two very talented performers, although I think that the most impressive thing was Ben's performance after the song. He was spoken to and asked many questions by the show's host in Italian, and although I can't be sure, I don't think that Ben speaks Italian. Well, you wouldn't have known it. He simply looked at his brother-in-arms Jovanotti and simply responded to the questions asked. He represented the opposite of the American Diva, He represented Ben Harper, for all he is. Good job Ben!

anonymous's picture

oh wow, Ben.
thanks a lot