lordrulerdave89764's picture

Awesome show!! 9th one, and as always, worth the effort. Vail sucks, but who cares if Ben is playing. Nice to go home to CO and check out a show with old friends including Ben and the Criminals. See you in Spain!!!


campfoy52714's picture

The best show i have ever seen!! : ) where can i get an audio file, i have looked everywhere and cant find it. Ben so sick, THANKS!!!

freewayeric61152's picture

By far the most amazing show I've ever seen. Thanks for braving the cold. You definately warmed up the cold mountain night. Can't wait to see you back in CO again

markymarkchitown's picture

Absolutely amazing show!! Forgiven, Ground on Down and Burn One Down were amazing. When I saw on the poster "Acoustic Soul". I prepped myself for a more chill show, BUT I was rocked!! Absolutely awesome show you guys!

bullfrog77_330222's picture

I skipped work and drove 5 hours to the concert and back the next day to put in an 18 hour shift! Worth every minute of my trouble. Ben NEVER lets you down! Seeing he and the Criminals up on stage doin' their thing gives me chills (the 22 degree weather helped)!Thank you Ben for your music and the emotion that you shed on stage. We are truly blessed. Peace

ells38742's picture

I was in shock the entire concert because of how amazing the show was. I was expecting an awesome show but they gave a way beyond amazing show. Highlights were definitely forgiven and better way. Oh and of course burn one down and the jam session in the middle of that song. Great job and I will definitely get tickets the second they go on sale for next year or whenever they are coming back to colorado.

elderporto's picture

Dont talk About Murder While I'm Eating

weingart.greg4486's picture

Wow! How do you put that much energy, passion, and emotion into words? Highlights
( for me ) included Excuse Me Mr, Ground On Down ( can't get enough that screaming/angry slide guitar ), Whipping Boy, Walk Away, and Juan's Bass solo and singing on I got a Woman ( what song did they break into that from ? )

Thanks Ben. How bout another Red Rocks Show or a surprise visit with Jack this summer?

michaelknopp19937's picture

Thanks for toughing it out in the cold Ben! Ben wore a Chicago Bears headband that Eddie Vedder gave to him a few nights earlier in Santa Barbara and said he hadn't taken it off since, understandable!! It snowed all day in Vail before the show but seemed to clear up as BHIC took the stage. What a perfect way to close out the season...Woman in You and With My Own Two Hands as an opener were highlights for me, and Pic in a Frame was a nice surprise! Ben admitted that the show was the coldest He and the criminals had ever played, thanks for a great time, safe travels to Europe!

elderporto's picture

We saw BHIC at sound check around 2. We heard about 5 songs(In the colors, Black rain, Better way, Woman, G and C) before the show even started. Ben seemed very focused. We waited about 5 hours before Ben came on in the extreme cold. It must have been high 20's. It started snowing during Bedouin Sound System's set. Ben was visibly cold. Ben really came through for everyone braving the cold. Lots of energy and a great set list! Highlights for me Woman In You, Get Up, Stand Up, and Whipping Boy. The Set List had Amen Omen instead of G&C. Ben took a couple of minutes walking around to each criminal explaining things before a great version of G&C. Great show, great memories!!!

g.d.grant96757's picture

This show was siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. Get up stand up and gold to me were great.