06.14.08 Birmingham, AL

City Stages Music & Arts Festival

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 2008-06-14 - City Stages Music & Arts Festival - Birmingham, AL

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Incredible show!!!!!! My only complaint would be that it was 100 degrees. Ben NEVER disappoints...NEVER!! Thank you for everything you fight for!!

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Seen Ben many times. He has been my favorite artist since i was a little kid and im now only 20. Please Bleed in Birmingham made me cry. my girl had just left me and Ben you helped revive my spirit. im getting a lil emotional right now! I love BHIC. Please come back down Home to Alabama ASAP Family.

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Left G'ville, FL at 4 AM just to see BHIC in Bham for City Stages. My first time seeing them live and they did not disappoint. The entire show was fantastic!!! (The percussion solo that Leon did just blew me away.)Thanks for the great music and a great time. I look forward to seeing BHIC again.
(And thanks to the guys for letting us get a few fan shots when y'all were leaving the hotel. That was the icing on the cake!)

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We posted our review of the show (and the rest of City Stages) over at Toxic Culture:


Check it out!

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Ben that was a great concert i must say! i saw you at the Alabama Theatre in October i think it was, and i was blown away by your performance. Alabama Theatre was a little different from City Stages which i liked how you switch up the concerts! hope to see you soon!

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I have been going to BHIC shows for ten years now and this is my first ever review. After this show it just seemed like the thing to do. I love festivals, and you could tell the guys knew they were the headliners. The beginning was great because the crowd was growing anxious, only to have a classic like jah work thrown at them. The lead solos were epic all night long. It reminded me of a NBA game where one dude just takes over, and even the opposition seems to stand in awe. After Birmingham, Serve Your Soul, is near the top of my all time list. Great song, great performance. Speaking of Birmingham, Better Way was a lovely choice as a closer. If they would have covered Hendrix I could have died(Buddy Guy did a little snippet of Voodoo Chile, so it's all good). Sorry if I ramble, but music realy means something to me. When you truly love and respect the songs, live shows can be like church. Birmingham was one of those nights. Thank you for your time.

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Came home from vacation early just to see Ben and the Guys and it was worth it!!! Great concert. These are the most talented guys that I have ever had the pleasure to hear! I am awestruck at the talent and humbleness that they seem to possess. Thank you for an unforgettable night.

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We really enjoyed Ben and the boys, they were GREAT...my husband caught the drum stick that Leon threw into the crowd, that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This show made me fall in love with Ben Harper. I was with the person that I came to visit (drove 600 miles from Virginia) to see the great ben harper and I was with a wonderful guy throughout the show, I was the happiest I've been in a long time- and Ben harper opened my mind to a whole other experience. Thanks ben, your performance was outstanding!!

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Great to see Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals in Birmingham for the second time in less than a year. The band sounded fantastic. Here is the setlist from what I can recall:

Jah Work
Take My Hand
Glory & Consequence
Please Bleed
Ground on Down
In the Colors
Excuse Me Mr.
Serve Your Soul
Fool for a Lonesome Train
Diamonds on the Inside
Whipping Boy
Use Me
Black Rain

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Saturday Night's Set At The 20th Annual City Stages Music Festival Was Spectacular. BHIC Opened With "Jah Work", Brought The Inspiration With A Little "Take My Hand", and Rocked The Stage With Two Of My Faves - "Please Bleed" & "Forgiven". This Was My 8th BHIC Show Spanning From 1998. I Have Seen Different Band Line-Ups At Different Venues, Ranging From THE WILL TO LIVE To LIFELINE. I Have Seen Ben In Music Halls With Several Hundred People To Venues With Several Thousand People. The Line-Up From This Tour, Which I Saw With Damian Marley Last Year On THE BOTH SIDES TOUR, Is What I Call A MUSIC FAN'S BAND. They Can Bring The Mellow, The Hello, The Funk, The Rock, The JAM! Each Member Contributes Individual Talents That Form The Sound Of BEN HARPER & THE INNOCENT CRIMINALS. Last Evening's Performance Was Just Another Reason Why BHIC'S MUSIC Is My LIFELINE. Pictures Are Posted On My MySpace Page - myspace.com/toolbox46and2 - INNOCENT CRIMINAL - PEACE LOVE MUSIC

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BHIC was awesome in Bham on the 14th. How awesome you might ask. Well let's just say that I managed to produce the engagment ring and ask my one true love to marry me. I did it during In The Colors. Ben mixed it up and suprised again and again with all the music he played. We heard a lot from the Lifeline album, but he also played Burn One Down and Shame, two of my absolute favorites. Needless to say my fiance' was surprised and happy. BHIC kept us jammin' into the wee hours of Sunday morning. I hope they had a good time in the ham' because we sure did enjoy having them. It was my first time to see them live altough I have been a fan for years. Hope they make it back here real soon.