07.07.08 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paradiso Grote Zaal with Tom Freund

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Venue moved from Heineken Music Hall.

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I absolutely loved my first Ben Harper concert but afterwards I felt that it would be amazing to see Ben Harper in a much more intimate setting. Well my wish was answered at this concert. It was the most amazing 3hrs of my life and possibly the best concert I have ever been to. Ben Harper is the most passionate singer I have ever heard and seen. The innocent criminals are a great band with excellent musicians and a great variety of instruments. Sitting in this old church, hearing the music bounce off the building with amazing acoustics and seeing Ben Harper performing with all his heart, the whole experience touched my soul.
Thank you for an amazing concert and I look forward to future shows!!

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As everybody said it was the best show ever! Ben was very communicative with the crowd in an intimate atmosphere. MOREOVER, I achieve my dream by MEETING HIM personnaly before the show!!! thank you BEN for the picture! I will never forget and can't wait the next tour. Sabrina Chavatte, The french fan.

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Dear Ben & the IC,

Once again I've witnessed magic at the Paradiso. I was so pleased the gig got moved there. When in Amsterdam, there's just no other place to go. I've seen you guys play all over the world and I know people always deem their last visited concert as the best they've seen. But in this case I have to say it indeed WAS the best BHIC gig I've ever witnessed. Simply amazing. The acapella bit was something I've never ever seen anyone do. Oh how I wished that the night would never end.

Thank you for all the joy, dear Ben Harper and Innocent Criminals.

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The show was absolutely amazing! I have been to many Ben Harper shows and although all great, this one was by far the most amazing! The venue was spectacular and I could not believe that I was in the very front row. The sound was amazing and the setlist terrific. The vibe overall was amazing, I felt like Ben and the whole band were connecting with each person from the crowd to a whole new level. I also want to give credit to a great crowd that were extremely respectful, he was able to sing acapella with a completly silent crowd. Yes... I was the girl with the cell phone who was letting her sister listen to "burn one down" on the other end while she was on the road heading to her next pro golf tournament. We always call eachother during that song and attempt to let eachother hear if we are not at the concert together. Boy was she in for a huge surprise when he took the cell phone away from me and spoke to her. She claims it was the best day of her life. The show felt very personal and I feel extemely lucky to have been there. THANK YOU FOR THE BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE!

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Hi guys!
I still have goose bumps all over me and am still totally speechless. Your perfomance was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in live music and I am soo glad I took the chance to see you!
I also want to thank the audience for its well behaviour. It was really special that everbody kept quiet during the acapella part and the silent songs.
Seeing you at Paradiso was my first time but I will see you next Monday in Freiburg!

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This performance was magic! Paradiso is of course a temple! What a intimide and incredible performance! Never ever play in the Heineken Music Hall whenever in Amsterdam. Paradiso, you and your innocent criminals are a golden combination!

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Thanks Ben, I had a great evening at paradiso. Never had so much different emotions at one evening. You make me happy, you let me think, I dropped a tear at Pleasure and Pain, and I danced. I'm still impressed and hope you're coming back next year.
Thank's to you and the wonderfull band.

-X- Elles

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I could hear Juan saying "wonderful" when looking at the audience after a couple of songs...Yes sir, absolutely!!

I couldn't have had a better birthday present!

And thanks Juan for the fresh air...

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Hey guys yesterday was FANTASTIC.
we enjoyd every second of the evening, Ben you were amazing without a microphone, goosebumps all over!!! We have made a lot of pictures, thanks for the show and we hope to see you very soon back in Holland.
And Juan thanks for the bottle of water...

Greetz Raymond and Monique from Vlissingen

elfi_sinaeve2123's picture

Thank you so much for a great show!!! And thank you for the pictures, juan, jason and Oliver -)
This was the best show I've ever seen! (previous ben harper & IC shows included)

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Thanks BHIC for a fantastic performance yesterday at Paradiso!

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Thank you Ben!!!! and thank you Innocent Criminals you were great!!!
Never seen a concert like this before

love wen

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Thanks Guys the show was so fantastic. I have seen you already three times before but this show was the best of the best. I still have a lot of energy from it. You made the promise that you would play more often in Paradiso in Amsterdam, please do so! I cant wait to see you again. Thanks for the FANTASTIC show, best I have ever seen of anybody!! Thank you thank you so much.

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I am so glad the show has been moved to the Paradiso, greatest venue ever! Second time i've seen Ben and this time it was much more intimate. The crowd was great and i think the band enjoyed themselves as much as i did.
Super, thank you for a great evening!!! much love, Annemieke