07.15.08 Six-Fours-les-Plages, France

Les Voix du Gaou Festival with Laetitia Sherif

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Les Voix du Gaou Festival - Six-Fours-les-Plages, France

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BHIC on stage on an island of the Mediterranean Sea. It was a dream for us. A sensational show. We will never forget it.

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très très beau concert dans un grand contexte de l'ile de gaou .

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Thank you so much for this evening. This is the third time i've seen you but it was as magical as the first time...
You can't imagine how I love your songs and the way you sing it, the time juste stop for two hours, I was so far away, thank you for that... just a little regret you don't play my favourite song "walk away" maybe the next time...
Thank you so much to your musicians, they are so fabulous. I'm waiting for your futur concert in South of France, please come back soon.

pierre's picture

big event with bigs performance.All of you gave emotional trip on each solo part. Big thank to juan and his bass. I never seen someone put 5 000 people in a perfect quite during 20 minutes ( really no word, a peace full time ) for an acoustic introduction like you done ben and starting on the song and keeping this religeous quite untill the end of the song. Everybody look like bewitch and transported on your dream world. YOU WORK FOR GAYA OUR MOTHER CAUSE YOU HELP THE HUMAN HEART. I never say enough thank for that to you and the innocent criminal.

robinwood1313040's picture

Apres le Dome a Marseille il y deja deux ans, une nouvelle date, celle du Gaou ...
Un enorme concert dans un lieu magnifique avec une setlist sublibe (dommage qu'il n'y est pas eu "Walk Away" et "Burn to Shine" ).
Encore merci pour cette soiree, et a la prochaine !
Thank you "patron" (and Bernard)

Lupinthethird83's picture

Encore un grand concert pour Mr Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals. "Le plus bel endroit ou on a jamais joue ..." ... dira Ben pendant ce concert. Une setlist de reve, mais en meme temps quelle setlist ne serait pas de reve ?! Vivement les prochaines dates en France !
A bientot Ben and The Innocent Criminals et encore merci !

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Absolutely breathtaking performance that night ! Since the gaou festival was created, everyone here was waiting for ben harper to come and play (he's very famous in France, and especially in the south), every year the audience was asking the organisation to try to get him to play, and last tuesday the dream became true for all of us ! It was marvellous, the crowd was very enthousiastic (though a bit noisy) and the sound was perfect. I particularly appreciated the setlist, with songs from every album... I really hope that ben harper will come back one of these days to the gaou festival, I am pretty sure it will be sold out again ! (plus it would not be the first time that a band plays 2 times at the gaou) Personnally, I've been to every edition of this festival since 2003 and I rank it in my top 3 shows of the festival, along with Toots & The Maytals and M ! Ben harper and the innocent criminals definitely deserve the success they have, to me they are like craftmen in music : you can feel they really love what they're doing, and they really want to GIVE a lot to the public. This is something that cannot be said of a lot of artists i've seen live... Thank you Ben, you're welcome to come back anytime !!

loiclegratteux14811's picture

thanks thanks thanks for this concert!!! thanks Mr Ben Harper and the Innoncents Criminals. I think it was magic for all people The area was beautiful with the Sun the sea and this Island. I hope that you will return one day in the area for other magic moment. Much emotion during this concert, you all have were brilliant, thank you still has all the Band

francisco_vieira_7259053's picture

truly a great concert. but i the same opinion that you should do a solo concert...in Portugal. i already so one in a video, an acoustic concert and it was one of my favourites concerts that i ever seen.
so,Ben Harper, you could think in that please.