07.19.08 Bern, Switzerland

Gurtenfestival with Z, Disco Ensemble, The Courteeners, Dada (Ante Portas)

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ah, ja und claudia, da du ja eine so grosse faenin bist: ich haette da noch ein paar wunderbare "unerlaubte" ben harper fotos von locarno, basel und luzern (1996, die ich gerne mit BHIC freaks teike...startinmutz@yahoo.de

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hei claudia du esch racht!! Es esch glaub serscht mol gsii (oberhaupt), wo de ben ond sini kumpels burn one down gspelt hend, wenn ech mech racht mag erennere, ond zwar uf de waldbuhni... esch super gsii denn...

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(BHIC played after 13 years again on the Gurten...sorry, but i have to correct it)

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tooooo bad i miss the zurich plus hope your dream comes true,i do my best.ciao enjoy roma hug and happiness friends thanks for your support

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Aloha guys!
What an awsome show yesterday. Amazing. People asked me this afternoon: "And, did they play a good concert?" I told them that I still can't find the right words to describe how good it was...
I specially liked the solo parts. You're all great musicians, you're really able to MAKE music. with you we're absolutely on a better way out of the commercial, boring, "every-song-sounds-the-same", unnatural "music".
thank you much and see you thins evening in zurich!


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Sombre, but top quality as always - looking forward to the Zurich concert this evening!

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Last year me and a friend of mine sat on the Gurten and hoped so much that BHIC would play on the Gurten once more after 18 Years...You made a big wish of mine come true!

For me it's nearly impossible to describe what your music and all else means to me. So, just thank you so much!

And forgetting the text make you even more likeable=)

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thanks for another wonderful and different show. saw you in belfort, and bern was another story alltogether once more. just can't stop listening to your music and going to see your playing live sets too, though i must admit, i never get enough of your songs on the festivals.
believe in a better way too and so, hope you keep going and sharing your gorgeous music! cheers and see you soon someplace else!

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So good to feel and see.too bad i don t get all you are telling but i ll work on that.
i can see your support and like to thank you big time. you guys are the best and i will keep you in my heart and soul.too bad i can t see more shows but super huge thanks for brightning up a scarry world.i see no reason no reason to wipp hej!!!!!
love peace and smiles.

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and again, another remember worthy morning... a wonderful end. I really liked the guitar-freak-part (whipping boy)... I didn't like the bass-drums... mr. charles boosted my eardrums away... looking forward for tonight in zurich... I hope my ears recover...