07.20.08 Zurich, Switzerland

Live at Sunset Dolder Eisbahn

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A wonderful concert with a very beautifully composed setlist. I especially loved the subtleness in Ben's performance. Brilliant and heartwarming. Come back soon!

Have a look at my pics I made at the gig: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stefsan/sets/72157606563489501/

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At one point in tonight's show, Ben joked that the audience should be given microphones, but our grins, screams and proclamations of love alone sent a loud and unanimous message: "that was one hell of a show".

From the opening piano chords of Younger Than Today to the soaring wails of Paris Sunrise #7/Lifeline, we were enthralled. Hats off to the Innocent Criminals too. An incredible band. An incredible performance. An incredible night.

150fr (my only complaint)...very well spent. Thank you guys! Please come back!

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AMAZING. The show yesterday was just brilliant.
First some rather slow songs, and then the great djembe solo-part. It was my 4th concert and every time he played this solo. But yesterday it had something very special and a huge energy. Thank you Leon. I really couldn't no longer sit on this silly chair. (I guess, that we had to pay so much for our tickets that they could remunerate all the people who arranged the chairs.) But the money was very well spent.
You're able to produce so many different emotions in such a short time. Thank you for this. I have never heard any music before, that can do that as good as yours does. I nearly cried at the end (the last two songs).

Thank you. Thank you so much. And keep going on!


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TERRIFIC!!! thats what I call very well spent money... Good energy...Good humor, but don't get serious about that "shocking gear" (har, har...). Great audience, thank you everyone for being quiet...And mr. soundmaster, you did a much better job then the (mid-) night before, even in the bathroom the sound was very well!!!

I really hope, that you criminals enjoyed this evening (as I did). Well, I know it's work, but still you should have fun, doing it.

Best BHIC Gig that I saw since 1996 (?)...

Enjoy yourself...

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Funny, everything I wrote I can read now two times...Thats like listening a record two times in a row...

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I didn't understand how someone could put chairs on a Ben concert... I mean, you have to dance and for myself i never could be calm on such a concert. So how you could read before, Leon was the "sitting-on-chair-ice-breaker" - thanks for that!

This was my fourth Ben concert and till yet i didn't saw him joking like this, so that was also a pleasure! ("or maybe i should have the shocker"=) )

And the last encore was wonderful. It was dead silent at the whole place. I stared at Ben and for a moment it was like there were noone else around me... amazing what one person could do!