07.22.08 Nyon, Switzerland

Paléo Festival with Cali

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Vanessa Da Mata (and her guitarist) sat in with BHIC for her smash single "Boa Sorte." ARTE TV later broadcast a short interview and "Diamonds On The Inside."

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Interview + Diamonds On The Inside video link :

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Good morning,
it was the third time that I saw ben and the innocent criminal is what happiness! I have taken full eyes and ears open! With two very good surprise for me: the discovery of the delicious vanessa and also to be able to pick the ben in mid-flight! Thank you again for this great moment! excellent day all of you

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Et avec Vanessa da Mata... waouuu...

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Hi ! Our english is not very cool, so I will continue in french, but please take the time to translate )

Nous sommes de Lyon,
nous sommes venus en Suisse pour decouvrir ce festival et assister au maximum de concert, en particulier celui de BHIC
C'etait la premiere fois que nous assistions a votre concert et c'etait vraiment intense !
L'intention que vous mettez dans chaque note est vraiment incroyable. J'aimais les Cd, mais je ne savais pas a quel point vous viviez toutes ces chansons.
En plus de cela nous avons eu la chance d'etre au premier rang et de recevoir chacun une baguette de M. Charles !! ( Que nous remercions beaucoup )

Merci pour cette prestation, et j'espere qu'un jour on jouera sur la meme scene.

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It had me so hard after every BHIC concert to walk away in my "normal life", 'cause the music, the lyrics and everything else means so much to me, that i forget about everything and just live in the moment...So, after every concert i need a long time to think about it and how great it was and so on.

I'm so GRATEFUL that you don't forget our little country and come back once in a while.

I don't need to say how absolutly fantastic the concert was, you can read it all above... i feel the same.

Please come back soon - in the meantime we will wait and listen to your music.

Take care!

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thank you very much for sharing emotion in an unfongettable day!!!thank you for your music!forever BEN HARPER and the innocent criminal(OLIVER,LEON,MICHEAL,JUAN,JASON)...FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!!!

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After Vancouver in November, Tuesday night has been my 9th BHIC show! Amazing like every time... but definitively too short... :o( Thanks for playing older songs and the duet with Vanessa just was... WHAOU!! Thanks for your true music guys! I can't wait to see back in Switzerland! Have fun in Italy for the upcoming shows



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You thrilled me for the sixth time and I thank you for the feelings, emotions and messages you're always conveying to us...
Thank you for having transported me again in your world with this sweet and deep belief that you're conveying to us on stage..
It makes me keep believing ...
Congratulations to all of you!

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Thanks ! That was a great concert and I spend a great time !!! DEAP THANK YOU for the songs and the music that you wrote guys ! See you for an other concert !

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Well, that's what I call a perfect day:
During the concert of Vanessa da Mata we met Jason and Leon, had a short conversation and a handshake. Later THE greatest concert, with this amazing vibes. It was, like every concert of BHIC, brilliant. Thanks to the "Rockabilly"-Rowdie who threw the guitar pics to the crowd.
Thank you so much for this 3 concerts in switzerland. They were great and they made my summer!

Your music means so much to me, it keeps my brain and everything else working=)

Thank you guys, keep going on and come back soon. It's always a pleasure to see you live.

Thank you so much!

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Another great show by the BH&IC! A perfect mix of newer and older songs (including a nice duet with Vanessa da Mata). Juan Nelson's intro on Jah Work set the tune for the whole setlist. And indeed, Ben offered us some of his brilliant solos (Excuse Me Mr., Whipping Boy). Leon made the whole audience jumping around on Burn One Down. We all wished it was longer but it seems the festival crew wasn't "looking for extension", even for the last show on the Grande Scene. I'm looking forward to the upcoming tour!

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Amazing, so talented, first-class, gorgeous and sooooo good!!! Thank you so much to Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals for the fantastic show! It's the 5th time I see BHC on stage and the only thing I have to say is that it's definetly too short!! I could hear them playing for hours. Thank you for all the emotion you gave us yesterday! See you very soon in Switzerland! Emilie.