07.24.08 Verona, Italy

Castello Scaligero di Villafranca di Verona with L'Aura, Tom Freund

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Band returns for "Please Bleed."

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lu.gentile11246's picture

You're not just a singer or a player, you're a poet and a truth teller!

Just amazing how you can describe love, life, emotions through your words and your music...

I wanna be an innocent criminal forever!
Thank you, Ben, never "walk away" from me!

lisa_maya_zoe32041's picture

I can still remember when I heard my first ben harper song on cd, I was 12 years old, soon I'll be 22 so i live with your music for 10 years and I'm soo glad and happy to know your music, you really inspire and help me through these years.
(especially ... with my own two hands...
and ... excuse me mister...)
And I can't stop to go to your concerts, it is always an amazing feeling to hear you "live"!
for the next half year it will be difficult for me to see one of your shows, because I'm in indonesia and I don't think that you will play there...
so thank you for everything...

sabr_198376063's picture

Thank You Ben!
You free my soul!!!

matviviani95429's picture

Thank's BHIC. i was there whity my brother Maurizio, he is 18, a very good drummer. he palys in a band and they love much playing ben's song. during the Tom Freund exibition whe saw Oliver Charles in the mixer place in the middle of the park. when he turned at the box, nobody care him. my brother run to him and recive his sing on the concert ticket. he was very excited. a great emotion for a young boy!
thank's Charles, thank BHIC all of you!

iemanja.soleluna82210's picture

Wonderful Show! Thanx Ben for your music!

pevar7411250's picture

Astonishing as usual...every new gig is a new emotion. Txs Ben

ladyelenu43799's picture

I am agree with Laura! It was a great performance!Great feeling with all Innocent Criminals... Thank you Ben, your music is always a special gift. You are really the best! I saw BHIC three times before now and it was always a new powerfull show! A friend of mine came without knowing well Ben's music he was just a little prejudiced against my love for Ben too but in the very middle of the concert he started jumping and crying like I never saw him before, inspite we were together in so much live shows!
Ben is really a great musician!
I were so sorry that only few of us were able to take your invitation to sing and song with you ''Excuse Me Mister''... It is difficolt for Italian people speaks in english so the most could sing with you but not all alone! I was just a little disappointed because they didn't play Fool For A Lonesome Train... I enjoyed so much this song at the first listen that I have waited for one year for the live show and if I had not had job problems I would have followed all the italian tour... So I hope that BHIC will come back soon to Italy - we wish to see you again and again and again and again.... it's never enough!

laura.bianconi16460's picture

Great moments! the best was after Better Way when Ben was ready to start the following song but the audience restarted singing the refrain...I believe in a better way!!!
Anyone could tell that Ben himself was surprised. The band played it again and again...
I'm always impressed by the strong emotional link between Ben and his audience...
When I go to his concerts I really feel that there is hope for a better way.
Thanks to Ben, the band and all the people who were there and took part in that great example of musical brotherhood!