07.25.08 Arezzo, Italy

Arezzo Play Art Festival Parco Fortezza Medicea with Xavier Rudd

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Well... It's very late to post a review about the great concert you made on the 25th of July, but I forgot to do it before. Tonight I was just surfing the net and checked your website out, and I said to myself.. It's never too late to make a compliment!
You are amazing Ben, a great singer and guitarrist, I think one of the few who are still alive (of course according to my opinion..).
Thank you for walking always "By my side"!!

BarbaraB's picture

Thank you Ben & all the Band to give me the strenght of your music... great concert... my 6th, since 1996 :-)

lagise11894's picture

Best Show I've ever seen.
Many Thanks for all the energy. You must come back as soon as possible. It should be a rule 1 BH&IC live show per year.

Thanks again take care see you soooooooon
Lorella (Arezzo)

daniele.sileo22726's picture

..it was so amazing!..

..see you soon!..


..Daniele, Cristian & Leo..

corvo74324's picture

Ben and Innocent Criminals: THANK U!
I and my girlfriend were in Arezzo friday night and we have seen an incredible band!!
it was the second time that we see you! But this time was so special for us because in the afternoon i know you Ben!!!! It's incredible for me. You are my best singer and my best guitaris and I shake your hand..... As i said "Ben you are my legend".
Thank u Ben... you give us a dream. Thank u innocent criminals!

PS Sorry for my english

info67400's picture

Exciting as usually... Thanks you very much.

jahwork81's picture

Without words... The whole energy has been more and more than anything I could say with any word... I can't say WHAT Ben and The Innocent Criminals have given me on friday night... I have felt something that I couldn't imagine or understand or believe before.... I have only two words to say:
T H A N K Y O U ! ! !