07.26.08 Rome, Italy

Roma Rock Festival Ippodromo Capannelle with Xavier Rudd

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and the Innocent Criminal too!!!


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you can't even imagine the emotions you make me feel. You, your music, your sweet voice, your eyes...You could think I'm crazy for what I'm going to say but...when I saw you singing just in front of me...I was in ecstasy...
One of my biggest dreams is to know you.Thank you for make me dream, thank you for make me believe in a better world, made by our own two hands..

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Great show. Whipping Boy (played in trio) was fantastic!

Come back soon!

Don't forget the italian red wine... )

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You have been great!
I came behind the stage after the show, I made my compliments to Juan and Jason, but a person of the staff told to go out: What a pity!
I wanted to have a longer conversation with my idols...
Next time I will have more success!!
Thanks once again for your amazing show

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ben!!! next time I want an acoustic set with your friend eddie on the stage!!!

rock on!!

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....show dalle emozioni indescrivibili.
Spero di riviverlo presto.
Grazie Ben a presto !!!!!!!

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Davvero emozionante dal primo all'ultimo pezzo! Musicalmente ineccepibili gli "innocent criminals" che spezzo giocano la carta dell'improvissazione, e una voce, quella di Ben, che regge quasi due ore e mezza sul palco senza risparmiarsi in dolcezza, con le strugenti ballate, e in potenza fino all'ultima devastante "With My Own Two Hands" con cui emoziona e si emoziona.Ottima anche la scelta del setlist che pesca indiscriminatamente tra pezzi nuovi e vecchi e che cosi accontenta sia i fan di vecchia data che quelli piu recenti

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One of your best exhibition in Italy,thanks for the great perform,thanks for your will to play and to make every time a different concert..

We can change the world!!!
Stammi bene

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With your magic wrapped in the pain of the blues, you succeed to make me believe that exist a genius in your sensitiveness. Thank you for the great show Ben and Innocent Criminals. Thank you Leon, this is the second stick that I receive from you! I believe in a better way!! Giaguara