08.31.08 Austin, TX

The Human Race

I Was There
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BHIC played downtown at The Capitol steps for the Nike+ Human Race. Attendees had to run a 10K to watch the performance. Jason Mozersky sat in and took the lead guitar solo on "Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating." Mozersky (Wan Santo Condo, Operation: Awesome, Pudge Zeppelin) also played on the "Both Sides of the Gun" album. Read more about the session in an interview with Ben at Guitar Player.

Who Went

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What a great ending to a challenging night!! When the race (I am not a runner) seemed too difficult, I reminded myself it was for a great cause, and my reward was BHIC at the end. I was very front, left of center for this one, and the band was wonderful. The crowd was not as active perhaps as at previous BHIC Austin shows (ACL, the Backyard, etc.) but I'm hoping this was just because they were tired. I'm glad to have been there, as BHIC was not in Texas otherwise for 2008. Have been to 8 shows, will go to 100 more.

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We took some pictures and have video from the show.