11.02.08 Milwaukee, WI

US Cellular Arena with Tenacious D, Crosby & Nash, Beastie Boys

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Relentless7 Setlist 1969-12-31 - US Cellular Arena - Milwaukee, WI

Swing State Voter Awareness Tour. Tenacious D sat in on "Under Pressure."

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RELENTLESS7 were fantastic! That's a rock group... just brilliance.

My wife and I have seen Ben Harper in many venues spanning the entire country and we've enjoyed every show. Last night's was no different. There was a lot of youthful energy. Great new songs. "Up To You Now" was spot on. "Word Suicide" was heavy. "Better Way" is ALWAYS perfect.

I had to teach some folks around me about BH and his music. But, they are converts now... I think. All I had to say was "Ben Harper is the greatest modern musician. Just look..."

PS - I've seen the nice bruddah roadie with the dread tam at every show. Last night, I said 'hello'. Him and others like him are the foundations, the strong posts, the cornerstones of music. Music. Ahh... man. Best thing ever.