04.15.10 DeKalb, IL

Northern Illinois University with Alberta Cross

I Was There
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Ben opened the show solo acoustic, then was joined by Relentless7 for an electric show on the first stop of the Campus Consciousness tour. (Lifeline and Paris Sunrise #7 played in opposite order.)

Who Went

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another great show, good to see/hear r7 learned some of the old stuff, the past few concerts I attended they only played the new CD. One of the better shows I have seen, mainly because of how close we were, 3 rows back. I was surprised of how small the crowd was but BH still delivered.

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Definitely an interesting show. Ben and the band were as tight if not tighter than any of the three shows I saw last spring. The crowd, however, was definitely a mixed bag. Lots of really obnoxious drunk people up front, way more so than usual, along with a crowd that didn't really know a lot of the new stuff. Not sure if it was a product of the location of the show or what, but I had to tell one guy next to me to STFU more than once.

The setlist broken down into the solo acoustic stuff and the full band part was great, although I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit put off at first hearing all the BHIC songs played with R7 (Amen Omen, Diamonds on the Inside, Sexual Healing), I mean -- where is Juan's falsetto vocal harmony?! But I got over it, and enjoyed the new take on some of the old jams.

Loved seeing "Forever" live, it's been a while since I've heard him play that and it's probably my favorite BH acoustic song, and "Amen Omen" gave me chills like it usually does. I was hoping for "Fly One Time" after "Serve Your Soul," but either way, one of the better BH shows I've been too.

Highlight of the show was when Ben threw me his guitar slide at the end. I uploaded a picture of it to the Fan Photos on the side. As they say, 14th Time's A Charm. Thank you Ben!

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It was an amazing show!! A perfect blend of classics and new R7 material, all done with the raw power of a live performance. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to have met Ben and the band. They are ultra cool. Blessings on you guys in this upcoming summer tour.

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See you all tonight!