04.21.10 Winston-Salem, NC

Wake Forest University with Alberta Cross

I Was There
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First set Ben solo acoustic.

Who Went

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Good show. I really liked the acoustic songs at the beginning, especially "There Will Be A Light." The venue lent itself to acoustic performance. Also, liked the "There is no sound louder than war" lyric sung in front of the the mic on "Up To You Now."

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Amazing amazing amazing

The_Woman_In_Me's picture

A great combination of his new work and old. He puts his heart and soul into his performances and it shows. From start to finish it was amazing!

solosarie's picture

I have no words to describe last night's most awesome performance. Really, truly was beyond words. And to top it off Ben graciously invited some of us pitiful fans into the tour bus to fumble over ourselves in awe of his presence. :) Truly was an honor to hear the concert in such a place as it was and to meet the whole band up close and personal. Thanks guys, you ROCK!!!!

ShannaC's picture

It was an experience. His talent simply amazes me and I could listen for hours. I got chills several times. I really can't truely write with words how I feel about finally getting to see him Live. Thank you!!!!