04.22.10 Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville Pavilion with Alberta Cross

I Was There
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First set and "Walk Away" Ben solo acoustic.

Who Went

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I can't even believe it but we (my friend and I) got to meet Ben! It was awesome...he is so nice and he signed everything I asked him to...we took a couple of pics and he even signed an autograph for a friend who wasn't w/us. I have been listening to Ben Harper for 11 years and this was the 1st time I ever got to see him! What a fabulous 1st concert exp. for this awesome artist. I just love him, everything he sings touches my soul or I connect to in some way...I'm gonna keep on listening and hopefully will be able to see him again soon!

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I have been unable to move or escape the pain of a CNS Lupus flare for nearly 2 weeks since a Central Americn Missionary trip that i do yearly. I obviosly over did it this go round.

I was determined to go to this show with my best friend and getting out was difficult but it lifted my spirits SO much. I had a friend walk me through the crowd and to the front where an amazing guy let me get in his way for a few pic.s (after he ascertained that my unsteady walking wasn't intoxication..heh.)

I had to leave half way through as the pain of being up and around got to be too much but next time ben comes around I will be in top shape and I'll close the place down and make him sign my T-shirts and absolutely hug his neck!

Thanks Ben and Relentlless 7. Yall put Mayer to shame. You really lit up our admittedly snobbish C'vill music scene..but most of all you got me to mind over matter it out of this horrible depressing bed. I walked! heh...

Much love and God bless you.

May you have every happinness.

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Thank you all so much for making my first live Ben Harper experience so amazing and one I am soon to repeat. I can't wait to hear your new album. The way you interacted with the audience is unparalleled. It would be great if you would post your thoughts on the shows as well. Hope you make good on your word to come back. What a great way to spend Earth Day. Take care and god bless.

Most sincerely,
Aaron B.