04.25.10 Alpharetta, GA

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater at Encore Park with Alberta Cross, Guster

I Was There
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DaveFM Earth Day Birthday with Ben Harper and Relentless7 & Guster. CBS Radio webcast the event. "Homeless Child" through "Waiting On An Angel" performed solo acoustic, including for the first time acoustic "Touch From Your Lust."

Who Went

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Great show. Homeless child and Touch from your lust were personal highlights. It was my girls first Ben show and she was amazed. The crowd was kind of sad, but that place is so big. Red house was awesome. I am a hendrix guy, and i hadn't seen ben cover him since voodoo child in 99. Everyone was on point in the band. Serve your soul is a total classic.

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Ben was awesome; He couldn't be rated anything else.

I was also disappointed that the performance was so undersold. I felt such a talented artist deserved a larger audience. I hope it did not dampen the evening for Ben, because a performer/audience relationship is a symbiosis; he does not just give to us; the audience gives to him, as well.

The Verizon Amphitheatre is a probably the nicest one I've seen, but I would also like to see Ben perform in a more intimate venue. I have a friend who saw him at Wake Forrest in NC; the performance was in a chapel. She experienced a completely different feel from her concert. I would love to experience one of Ben's performances in a setting that truly allows for an appreciation of the quiet depth and heart he expresses with his music.

Even without the larger audience, his performance was spot-on. Ben gives everything he has on stage, and no-one could possibly ask for more from him.

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I agree with the first comment that it was undersold. Ive never been to a BH show where there was so much room in the pit. I was amazed how few people were at the show, but that didnt get in the way of enjoying yet another great one. Ive seen about 15 BH shows and this one had a unique feel. Different but still very good. Highlights for me included Give a Man a Home, the acoustic set and Serve Your Soul. Its the first time Id heard that live and it was killer. I like how he left the slide on the guitar at the end like I saw him do on Manic Depression back in 1999. The band sounded great and I enjoyed a preview of the new Feel Love song.

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Painfully undersold. Everyone weho missed it is a lesser person because of their absence.
The solo old material & the covers were highlights.
Verizon is such a killer venue!
Ben is the man!!!