04.30.10 Lake Buena Vista, FL

House of Blues Orlando with Alberta Cross

I Was There
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Ben threw in a nod to "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)" during "Boots Like These." First encore solo acoustic. Second encore full band.

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My wife and i attended both the HOB show in Orlando and the show at the Ritz Ybor the following night. It was our Ben Harper Week-end. Both shows were beautiful. HOB is so Funky. Love that venue. The Ritz was awesome. So happy to have Ben in our back yard. The energy at the Ritz out did the HOB. Love the band, Ben. Come back soon...please. We know...we gotta live your live to have boots like yours!!!

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Thank you Ben. Words don't describe what you do on stage. If only I could have gone to the show the following night as well... Don't be a stranger to central florida...

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Great Show!

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Absolutely a passion-energy-filled evening. I was blown away! Not only was Ben Harper and the group beyond phenomenal, but the fans (the real fans) are such a great eclectic bunch.

Really kicking myself for not getting tickets for Tampa and West Palm Beach shows.

Ben, keep rocking it!

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I took my wife and my father to this show it was absolutely incredible. The way Ben and the band connect with the audience and the energy they put into the show just can't be beat. I am going to go to all his concerts whenever he comes to florida. Wish more bands took the approach that Ben Harper and Relentless 7 do and this truly is a legend group:)