07.14.10 Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Praza da Quintana with Elodio y Los Seres Queridos

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I was there and Carlos too, all the way from Portugal. For the 8th time! And for the 8th time it was unforgetable... and amazing... and beautiful... and fabulous...
The music played by Ben and R7 made Plaza Quintana even more beautiful!
At the end of the concert it was worthwhile waiting 2 hours for a few minutes with Ben. Once again so humble and so kind with the fans. Such an emotion...
The best birthday present ever!

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I am in the Cruillabcn and when the concert ended we were running at the entrance to see if it comes,
always takes a long time to leave when he do a concert? I have really wanted to get a picture with him.
i would be so happy .
He looks like very simple and so close