08.05.10 Edmonton, Canada

Edmonton Folk Music Festival with Patrick Watson & the Wooden Arms, Kate Rusby, Gord Downie & the Country of Miracles

I Was There
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Due to a serious band member illness, Relentless7 did not perform with Ben Harper as originally scheduled. Instead, Ben brought Relentless7 drummer Jesse Ingalls, Innocent Criminal guitarist Michael Ward and a string quartet - Alwyn Wright (violin), Caroline Buckman (viola), Elizabeth Wright (cello) and Matt Cory (upright bass) - to play a special acoustic set. (Originally scheduled for August 4 - changed to the 5th.)

Who Went

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Ben, your show in Edmonton was unbelievable. I had goosebumps. I met you after the show and as I mentioned, I have waited 12 long years to see you. Let me just say it was worth it. I have turned to your music at so many points in my life and it has helped to pull me through. You are remarkably humble and gracious; you have a way of captivating an audience that is so charismatic. Your passion for music chills me to the bone. Keep on making music and I will consider myself blessed to listen to it. I will never forget that concert.

Best Regards,

ps- My husband and I will be at the Gorge on Saturday night. If you read this and it's possible, can you please play Forever? It was our first dance at our wedding.

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A million thank you's to you, Ben Harper, for bringing your talent back to Edmonton once again. Thrilled to see you perform, and already looking forward to the next time! Come back soon!!!