12.05.10 Paris, France

La Cigale with James Vincent McMorrow

I Was There
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"Things Go 'Round" was preceded by an improvisational jam.

Who Went

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A mon gout le meilleur concert de Ben que j'ai pu voir. Une petite salle ou ben a pu donner ce qu'il avait de meilleur, de toutes facons j'ai toujours preferé Ben dans les petites salles.

Florencep's picture

I loved, I sang, I danced. Thank you !

sand's picture

A pleasure to heard your sound again... So nice... Thank you

Floreleï74's picture

It was so good to see you !!!
Thanks for this wonderful concert and come back when you want, we're waiting for you and we love you (but you know it !!) ;-)

chevago's picture

they just forgot to mention that James Vincent McMorrow opened the show (short but nice opening)...anyway the show was good, thanks to an audience that was waiting for Ben's come back to France...Jessy Greene deserves more than a place behind the 3 guys, she is truly awesome !!!