04.21.11 Byron Bay, Australia

Bluesfest with ZZ Top

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Bluesfest - Byron Bay, Australia

Encore 1

Surprise band change from Relentless7 to Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals! Reviews and photos at goldcoast.com.au. More photos at FasterLouder.com.au and Brisbane Times. Jessy Greene (violinist from Fistful of Mercy) accompanied Ben on "Morning Yearning."

Who Went

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Artsy's picture

That makes me indescribably happy and excited!!! When when??????

833270173@facebook's picture

You'll be please to know audio was recorded and will eventually be released.

mdorge's picture

When :) that would be awesome , it was such a great gig

financialstrategies95714's picture

I would luv to get a copy of this, let me know if possible?

833270173@facebook's picture


search for the ben harper post.

youre welcome :)

mdorge's picture

Thankyou ,

mdorge's picture

WOW , thankyou so much for recording this wonderful set ,and letting me relive such a great concert

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Was one awesome gig! Didn't even realise the IC's were playing until Juan stepped out on stage - at this point my lid totally flipped then BANG - With My Own Two Hands!
Can't describe how awesome it was. Absolutely blessed to have witnessed this gig!

one1love's picture

Fuck. BHIC's back at it again and I am not there!

Please play a show in the USA.

Oh well I could not have afford to go to Australia if I had known about it.

Bring back the forums!

Martog's picture

Totally surprised and stoked to see the ICs playing - the first night of a 6 day festival, and every other act was compared to this stellar performance and came up short - awesome set, and a delirously happy crowd - BH played for 2 hours and made my year! Thank you Ben

mdorge's picture

Relenless7 were at the festival but busy backing Grace woodroofe at the festival :)

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So great to see Ben Play with the innocent criminals again its been since september 2008 since they last played and the setlist was awesome , pretty much a best off

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THIS. THIS is what needs to keep happening! Bring back the INNOCENT CRIMINALS!!! Experiments and projects are fine and all, but Ben and the ICs are the real truth. TRUTH.

Get 'em and keep 'em together before Bieber snags 'em!

Big B's picture

Someone please explain. The Criminals?!? Why? How? What?

Does anyone have a DeLoreon so I can go back in time and see this show?

Slideaboot's picture

I know...as if living in Australia wasn't cool enough! They get the ICs too?!?!

One helluva reunion! Maybe they filmed it?

bwalk1154's picture

Way to go, IC's back in action. R7 and IC's, I love them both. Keep making great music Ben Harper.

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With the Innocent Crimnals I see. That's fairly close to a "greatest hits" setlist.

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Artsy's picture

Amazing show, so many chills that night.. Loved every second. The fact Innocent Criminals were there was just a totally unexpected treat. :)