06.05.11 Kansas City, MO

Crossroads KC @ Grinders with Rebelution

I Was There
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"Burn One Down", "Walk Away", "Another Lonely Day", "Mutt" and "Not Fire Not Ice" solo acoustic. Listen to "Don't Give Up On Me Now (soundcheck version)" and an exclusive interview with Ben at KTBG FM - 90.9 The Bridge.

Who Went

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irpg52236's picture

I traveled with my son and a couple of friends all the way from SOUTH CAROLINA to see Ben in this venue. This was our 7th Ben Harper concert - and we have never been disappointed. Our first concert was at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA when my son was 12 years old! Thank you BEN and friends - thank you KANSAS CITY. We had an awesome time!

evabill23365's picture

Excellent concert. Venue not so good. Wish Ben would visit St. Louis. We drove to Kansas City and stayed at the Hyatt just to see this wonderful artist in person. No doubt about Ben's genius. The opening group Rebelution were great too. KC just did not seem to respect who they had, to me. Also, the long hot wait was a little unnecessary to me. I am sixty six years old. My two sons, their wives and one sixteen year old granddaughter waited patiently, but it seemed unorganized. Main thing is we love you Ben Harper. You are so gifted and gracious. Thanks for a wonderful concert and a great opening act.

Crazst1991's picture

Such a great show, I've been wanting to see Ben for years.. did not disappoint.

So much respect for this man.

Trephine's picture

Please do a show in Minneapolis/St. Paul soon!!! We love road trips but the northwoods need some love.

ctc89's picture

Not enough to say about how much I loved the show. The setlist was amazing. It included songs that I hadn't anticipated hearing like "burn to shine". It was all topped off by a great crowd and an 8 song encore. Well done.

Trephine's picture

We drove 6 hours there and 6 hours back to see Ben and R7 and would do it again! Excellent and personal feel to the venue. Rebelution had a great groove. Ben played an outstanding blend of old and new with a rousing cover of "No Quarter." They closed with "Amen Omen" and after experiencing a true connection between the audience and band it fit that during "Amen Omen" when he sang "...will I see your face again?" if he wasn't partly singing to the audience. Incredible concert from a virtuoso and his band!

EarthygalT's picture

Stellar show at Crossroads... Sweet little, intimate venue, attended with my 2 "sista's" Maxey and Sarah! Ben rocked it and the crowd responded joyfully! He is such a musician, mixed it up and gave it up! Classics to current, raging and engaging! One of the best ever shows in my concert history! We love you and your beautiful music Ben! Namaste~

superswede11's picture

AWESOME! Played all the best songs. I was so suppressed when Ben played Ohio, that was fantastic! Missed the last five songs though. The rest of my group wanted to get on the road.
Still an amazing concert. Thanks Ben!