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Thanks Ben for this perfect moment, it was the most amazing show I've seen.
The atmosphere was so great and friendly, you seemed to be different than you play in France ... and I loved it.
I look forward to see you again in USA as soon as possible.
Kiss from French friend
See you soon

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I thought there were a couple of new songs in that first set, one that he said he had played only once before and then another later on. Anyone have any recollection of those? Thanks for posting the setlist! It was an incredible night, arrived just on time to a packed house. My wife and I's song is "Forever" too, unfortunately we did not make it to the end of the show.

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Brad I agree. One of the new songs was Loving You is My Masterpiece. It was right before Please Me Like You Want To. I am not sure what the other song was, but it was right after Diamonds on the Inside.

Ben Harper & Co., thanks for killin' it. It was an amazing show. Glory and Consequence made my night in the second encore. Come back soon!

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Thanks Blair, glad someone was paying attention. :)

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I have been a huge Ben fan for 7 years, seeing my first show in Salt Lake City in 2006. I bought tickets to this show for my birthday and although I was VERY unsure about his backing band I almost have the utmost respect and confidence in Ben. Having said that, Ben, of course, brought it and the band more than pulled their weight! Thanks once again, Ben and Band for another night to remember in an AWESOME venue, in a kick ass city, with an equally kick ass crowd! This is my 6th show, 2nd indoor show, and latest experience in the simplistic beauty that comes from somewhere inside Ben, and continue to have my fanhood refilled and revamped! Ben, thank you for who you are, and what you do, and if you remember the Aspen/Snowmass fence incident, and the fans who told you about their son and his Will to Live, I wanted to tell you; Harper just turned 4. Doctor's said he wouldn't make it, now he's working on his jumpshot. Keep the rhythm!!

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A great show!!! Made me wish I'd gotten into the 1st night also but it was sold out online in 10 minutes. I really enjoyed Ben with the Innocent Criminals and wasn't sure how I'd like this new line up, but they ROCKED!!! Looking foward to seeing the SET LIST updated for this show since I know we got a few extra bonus tunes that night. The show was worth every penny I spent to get in. Did not disappoint. I also enjoyed the company of a young couple from Thermopolis, Wyoming - a shout out to Toby and Jennifer. Ben and all the J's in the new band, very nice..THANKS. Keep on Rockin' in the Free World!!!

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Thank you Ben and boys for the amazing evening last night! It was such an unforgettable night and I appreciate all the love you brought and shared with all of us in the crowd. The vibe was definitely positive and strong! Please come back to CO soon! The last time I saw you was my birthday 3 yrs ago in Vail, CO and although I didn't think that show could've been topped you definitely did that last night! Love you all! Thanks again! I feel my soul was blessed because of you guys last night. much loves, safe travels, take care!

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I have been to many concerts including Dave Mathews Band 5 times and last night Ben Harper was hands down the best concert I have ever been to!!! I had chills the entire time!! There is no other artist as talented and genuine as him!! He sings right to the heart of you with every lyric!!! I will def. go back to any concert he is at!! Best anniversary ever!! My wedding song is Forever and getting the chance to dance with my husband to our song live by the man who wrote it is a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life!!! Thank you Ben Harper!!!!