06.30.11 Chicago, IL

Vic Theatre with The Orbans

I Was There
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"Burn One Down", "Walk Away", "Another Lonely Day", "Mutt" and "Lifeline" performed solo acoustic. Kyle Crusham sat in on guitar on a number of songs.

Who Went

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i was at the show at the vic on 06/30 and there was a song that i have been trying to find! i thought he had said it was a new song...
i love you for who you are and i love you for who you may never be...loving you is my life's goal. what is this song?????

jahben217's picture

Thank you for an amazing and inspirational night! I will never give up on you!

rovo08's picture

Great show. Love the old school visits...worth the 6 hour trip to see him!

lilorfn's picture

Can't wait to hear Masterpiece again and again!


WoW!!!!! OMG ... this show was MIND BLOWING!!! I so wish I could be there again tonight!!!
Rock ON!!!!!

Big B's picture

Part I complete... devastated... burned... mind exploded... it was like a greatest hits show. Just nuts...
Part II tonight... how will we do this? The music... that's the answer.
See you all tonight! Lots of love for this band...

zt1993's picture

i got presale tickets but never got an emil or anything i cant remember were all presale will call or what someone else who got presale can u let me know if u got an email or something

Big B's picture

Our summer was just made. Long live Relentless7!

lynzyfinnegan's picture

Can't wait for the new album and this concert!