07.01.11 Chicago, IL

Vic Theatre with The Orbans

I Was There
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"Waiting On An Angel", "Power of the Gospel", "Burn One Down", "Walk Away" and "Not Fire Not Ice" performed solo acoustic. Kyle Crusham sat in on guitar on a number of songs.

Who Went

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Big B's picture

Great show - saw them both nights, back to back, and both shows were rock.

I will say that I'm disappointed in the 'aftershow' experience. Not cool waiting around for over an hour for nothing while extending babysitter time and starving for mozzarella sticks...

...My god, I'm getting old.

emanon's picture

Excellent show! However, "Feel Love" is missing for the setlist - it was played after "Power Of The Gospel".

John's picture

Awesome Setlist, great mix of old and new songs, Your one lucky city Chicago, If our setlest is half as good as this in San Francisco in Aug I would be happy, Have fun boys on the start of your tour.

Bailey's picture

Have one extra for tomorrow night....Face value! Let me know if you're interested and we'll make plans to meet up :)

ROUSH's picture

My first concert ever.... and its Ben Harper; cant be more happy

Big B's picture

Oh boy... nothing like BHR7 back-to-back nights... ho ohho yaaa!!!!