07.02.11 Sioux City, IA

Saturday In The Park with Cee Lo, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Los Lonely Boys

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Great performance! I knew Ben Harper would be good, but he was great. The crowd really dug him. Thanks for playing, I enjoyed listening!

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Ben Harper was the big hit of the night. I thought it would be Cee Lo Green who would wow the crowd but not so. He was flashy, fake and immature, and most people were not very impressed with his lackluster performance, crude and sexist remarks, and no live band. Some of the younger crowd enjoyed singing along with the F---- YOU SONG. Ben Harper on the other hand was a class act!!!!!! Ben had a top notch band, great stage presence, genuine interest in the audience, and of course, amazing ability to play live music. I was transfixed and mesmerized by his whole show. Lots of great positive vibes and energy from Ben, who is very mature and used appropriate language, and is not your typical egotistical musician. The audience was diverse, mostly under 60. Lots of little kids and teenagers, and 20 somethings. The audience stayed strong even after dark. Little kids were dancing, college kids were singing along, and some dancing, as old hippies, yuppies, and plain old midwestern families were all having fun together.

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We loved you. You loved us. Thanks for all the love.