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What an awesome night!! My fiance and I were in the 3rd row standing on those shaky bleacher seats, but the rhythms and vibrations were so positive, no one fell! Ben is such A true talent and there is so much Shit music that is out there!! Kid Rock was there, over at the Marcus Amphitheatre, the biggest stage @ Summerfest. Kid Rock had to resort to grabbing himself, pyro, strippers and a whole lotta F-bombs proving where talent requires redneck stupidity! On the smaller stage just a few hundred feet away, A humble man poured out his heart and soul and did so with dignity and grace, power and spirit. Just the sound of instruments and that voice, unique yet familiar, soulful and commanding! This was my 1st time after waiting at least 10 yrs and it's in my top 5 and I've been to hundreds of shows! Thank you so much Ben!! "I believe in A better way"

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First time that I have been lucky enough to see Ben Harper live....needless to say it was amazing. The sound was the best that I have ever heard at Summerfest (especially considering it was a side stage). Rise Against at the next stage couldn't keep up with Harper. He started only 5 minutes after them but they were done playing 30 minutes before he was! I will definitely be attending any future show that is anywhere remotely close to the Chicago area. He played almost every song that I hoped to hear (only missing a few of my favorites). We actually tried to guess on the way up what he would open choice was either a song off the newest album or Faded. My friend picked Burn to Shine, we were only 1 or 2 songs off. The way he ended the show with Better Way was surreal.

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First time I've been able to see Mr. Harper since Chicago in 06' with Damian Marley (great show, btw). I was at the same bench the night before this show for Stephen Marley, fantastic show as well. Would have been nice if he stayed an evening longer to join Ben, but that's wishful thinking I guess. To get straight to the point, this show effin ROCKED. The opening was nothing short of epic with the lakefront's annual grand display of July 3rd fireworks roaring behind the crowd, which you may think would have taken attention away from the music, but not for this avid fan. A new song to open, a rockin classic in "Faded" to follow, the the icing on the cake was the grand finale of the fireworks during "Number With No Name". There were a few shots on the bigs creen from behind the band, so it must have been cool from the band's perspective that they were greeted with fireworks. The rest of the show I just had a grin on my face, and stayed glued to my seat, (don't worry, my loving girlfriend still got us beers, lol) as this was the best he's sounded in all the years I've been listening. (which I noted on Facebook for the event, and was the only one to do so that night, wink wink). Aside from the slower portion in the middle, which still sounded great and soulful as ever, you didn't even know the rock band "Rise Against" was obnoxiously wailing literally 60 yards away. Ben outshined, outrocked, and outperformed. This show was as unforgettable for me as Ben said it was for him. Partly, for me, because as us true fans begged for more, clapping our hands in unison and still chanting "Better Way" from the mesmerizing set finale, the PA system blaring its crowd emptying recordings, with Ben shaking hands and pointing out to the crowd, as I shook my arms frantically Benny Boy pointed in my direction, way back on the first row of picnic benches (GREAT spot nonetheless) motioned in a "hat's off" gesture, (I was wearing a cap, lol), so I took it off and waved, and my favorite musician acknowledged my existence. A personal "hat's off" to an evening I surely won't forget. Come back soon Ben. We love ya here in Wisconsin!