franklin.a.lyons38485's picture

I have to say I miss the Innocent Criminals. My friend said it sounded a bit like a cover band. I'm not so critical but it was impossible not to notice that a couple lyrics were fumbled. But ultimately, a great show! My girlfriend's first show did not disappoint.

Mikey's picture

This show was amazing, they played for over 3 hours and played 28 songs ! The crowd was really into the show, and Ben played a very good mix of classic/new songs. He played a cover of Ohio by Neil Young and Under Pressure by Queen. Both songs sounded awesome live ! I got to meet Ben backstage after the show, and he is a very humble guy, took time to talk to a lot of his fans.

Great show that I'll never forget, cheers.

nevins2759113's picture

Man .... Epic show really ... Left with a huge smile ... Shout out to the sound academy wicked venue .. Thank you Ben haper

rodnolan's picture

As many have already said, this show was just amazing. Generous (at over three hours, i started to get the meaning behind "Give Till It's Gone"), beautiful, powerful, and even a few moments of good ol' fashioned humour (nothin better than when the guy who wrote the song screws up the lyrics). While I was hoping like hell to hear Shimmer and Shine, the highlight for me was the solo during I Will Not Be Broken. When I listen to this song from the CD, i always jack the volume to 11 and it takes me to another place. But to stand in the same room with Ben, just close my eyes and physically feel the notes flowing through my body (IT WAS LOUD) was nothing short of a spiritual experience. Go, enjoy, and spread the word. The world needs more artists like Ben and company. Please come back to Toronto soon.

spike3017956's picture

PURE FUCKEN AWESOME show, I was in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MartinHMBenHarper's picture

Incredible!!! Slow start, have to admit was a bit concerned with so much slow stuff early on but man oh man did Ben kick it into high gear towards the end of the first set and then another gear still during the encore and beyond deep into the night.
Those who gave up and left early (and there were a lot!) really missed out on something special between an artist and their audience.
Never seen anyone play that long and then play even longer so willingly giving into the crowds "demand" for one more song. Great show.

blinged.out's picture

The most amazing, mind blowing, outstanding show I have ever seen in my life. God Bless Ben Harper. Thank you for the over 3 hours of mind blowing music I have ever experienced. It was my first show and I will NEVER miss another one again. I am on such a high right now because of the performance you put on this evening! Thank you so much!!!

christie's picture

Hello Ben Fans

I have seen and met Ben many times and you will not be disappointed in this venue or the show. To all you Detroit fans, I LOVE YOU, we just went to Detroit to see Eddie Vedder at the Fox Theatre on Sunday June 26th and it was probably my favourite show ever and I have also seen him at Massey Hall. Him and Glen Hansard together was epic and it brought a tear to my eye when they sang Falling Slowly together (if any of you were there to see it). Anyway back to Ben. I have seen him at Massey Hall, Molson Amphitheatre, The Phoenix, The Kool Haus and so on and honestly as long as you can hear the music it is going to be worth your money. I have seen a few shows at this venue and I loved it. If any of you are going early we should meet up in the lot and have a few beers and chat about music. This is a good show week for me. Eddie Vedder, The Hip for Canada Day, Ben Harper and The Black Keys on Thursday. Long live music and all its lovers :)


1574255783@facebook's picture

I live in Detroit and am also driving. When I ordered the tickets I didn't see an option to ship them to the US so I had them shipped to a friend in Canada.

He has not seen them yet and I too am worried.

Can someone please provide me the ticket company's contact information?

I can't even find a receipt for my tickets! :(

Thanks in advance!

christie's picture

Was it Ticketmaster that you got the tickets through? If so the Help # is 1-855-985-HELP (4357). That is for Canada but they may be able to help you. My Hip tickets just got lost in the mail from the strike and they were able to allow me to get replacement tickets at the front gate. Good Luck, see you there. See my other post about my Detroit experience on Sunday :)

crawford96's picture

I am also curious about mailed tickets. I have not received mine yet and am getting a little concerned. Any update would be great.
Thanks in advance.

jaye_82ca91854's picture

I myself emailed the ticket company to ask what my options were as iam in the same situation. they told me that if i dont get them within 3 days of the show call them they will take my name and they would make sure i could pick them up at the will call.

bigm139311627's picture

With the postal strike on in Canada how will we receive our tickets if they are comming by mail?Will there be a Will call?

abstract_beauty397009's picture

What time do people suggest we get there for the show?
This is my first time at this venue so I have no clue what to expect.

rodnolan's picture

Update... Thanks to Tim and Laura, who, unfortunately, can't make it to the show and have agreed to sell me their tickets. Can't wait for July 5!

I'm an unlucky sap who didn't get tickets, but not for lack of trying. Although I wouldn't wish this on anyone (because it happened to me with Fleetwood Mac two or three years ago and it sucked to have to sell my tickets, especially to a scalper), if you can't use your tickets, please contact me here by replying to this post. Rest assured, I'll be checking daily. I'd pay to see Ben Harper play in a tin can! And I'd love pay you the full price you paid for yours. And, in case I'm outta luck, well, enjoy the show. :-)


641910245@facebook's picture

My Wife and I are going to be making the trip from Detroit for this show. I have also read some of the poor reviews of this place and they do not sound much different than Detroit venues. Get there early, pregame...and find a good spot.

Thanks for the above info about the acoustics being solid. As long as it sounds good...I am easy to please.

Everyone stay well until July!

olieb's picture

Just got tickets for this show and can't wait!!!
Only (post purchase)reservation I am having is the reputation of this venue (Sound Academy).
I've never been, but the music fan community in Toronto absolutely slams this place....
Anyone have experience with it?
Any chance of a venue change?
I'd pay double to see Ben and the boys at Massey Hall, Phoenix, you name it!!

DylanThiessen's picture

Hey Tim,

I've been to the Sound Academy numerous times (though not by choice). The thing I dislike most about it is that it's just a pain to get to. It's a fairly big venue though aside from the VIP balcony, it's all a flat floor, so if you're short you probably won't see whoever's performing, and if you're stuck somewhere near the back they'll be pretty small :( It's not a terrible venue in terms of sound or acoustics, but I would definitely pay double to see him play at Massey Hall too. Would be a dream come true.

olieb's picture

Thanks for the reply - sounds like the best advice is get there early and don't drink too much - don't want to lose a spot at the front.
See you there,