07.18.11 Lucca, Italy

Piazza Napoleone with Robert Randolph and the Family Band

I Was There
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Full band acoustic performance of "Give A Man A Home", "She's Only Happy In The Sun" and "Glory & Consequence." Robert Randolph sat in on "No Quarter."

Who Went

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roberto_paci34895's picture

Simply beautiful ...

sowhy's picture

thank you ben, the atmosphere was simply magic,
you gave us such an incredible emotion!
Better way, better way, a better way!

deedee's picture

amazingamazingamazing show!

paolomj's picture

grande concerto, la perfezione ci sarebbe stata sostituendo no quarter con 2/3 brani di ben... pazienza, grandissimo lo stesso, grazie ben :)

Curzio's picture

really a piece of my life....amazing concert!

glenda74's picture

AMAZING!!!!!...Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart..I'll never forget this concert!!!...

Candela's picture

Yesterday was one of my best concert in life!!
Thanks for all your passion, energy,emotions... what a wonderful night, magical ... I can't find the words.
Never forget this concert. I'm still dreaming.
Thank you!!! :)

lenita's picture

wow what a great concert!!!!

alessandro picci's picture

a great show. wonderful night. thanks a lot.