07.20.11 Milan, Italy

Milano Jazzin' Festival Arena Civica with Robert Plant

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Ben ended the show with a solo acoustic rendition of "With My Own Two Hands."

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alensassi's picture

It's not a matter of comparison, are considerably less musically R7 to Innocent Criminals, soni distinctly different sounds obvious, but it is the level that is different. I hope very soon to review Ben with criminals!
Non è una questione di paragoni, musicalmente i R7 sono notevolmente inferiori agli innocent criminals, i suoni soni nettamente diversi ovvio, ma è proprio il livello che è differente. Io spero davvero di rivedere presto Ben con i criminals!

elenapozzoardizzi27533's picture

amazing show last night... Ben you're are really magic! thank a lot, see you again in Verona ;-)

rossmichele91960's picture

I really do not understand why italian media (and consequently some of the italian fans in general) are "against" R7 so much, describing them as a band not worth of Mr. BH talent like the IC were....they compare them to the IC all the time, but to me there is no plausible comparison; they're just two different bands, both with an immense talent!! In my humble opinion R7 are one of the greatest band i've ever heard!! keep up like this guys, you're doing great ;)

sguazt's picture

Even if I am Italian don't know if this "IC better than R7" is an Italian habit. Anyway I agree with you that R7 and IC are two great bands. I tend to not compare them because fortunately they are different bands. Personally I love IC especially the great touch of Juan Nelson (one of my favourite bass player). R7 are a recent story for me so can't make particular appreciation about single musicians. But together R7 rocks!

rossmichele91960's picture

Anch'io adoro gli innocent criminals, e anch'io sopratutto il mitico Juan Nelson :) ma apprezzo tantissimo anche i relentless7...penso sia un discorso italiano come dici tu, perchè all'estero sono molto apprezzati. Ma in Italia ho letto un sacco di recensioni e di articoli abbastanza negativi su di loro.
La prima volta che li ho visti suonare insieme è stato all'earth day 2009 a Roma e sono rimasto stupefatto dalla loro performance. A parer mio gli ultimi tre album, che sono i primi tre con i R7, sono davvero meravigliosi! Chiaro è che comunque il BH+IC dei primi album è da 110 e lode ;)

715304291@facebook's picture

Great cool summer night. In the low end of the seven BH concerts I saw. I did not like the band. The IC were IMHO so much better. Weird encore (1-Ohio, 2-another song that I did not remember, and 3-an acoustic WMOTH). I would expect something much more known. Seated people were quite cold :( only few sang. I expected everyone would go crazy with Ground on Down but all the audience was quite (even in the parterre). And as usual in Milan, people start leaving before the concert was finished. Verona in 2006 was so much much better!

1418014190@facebook's picture

It was a great concert. I believe that everyone was hoping a duo with Robert Plant, maybe in whole lotta love; it was a pity.

alensassi's picture

Great Ben, your performance was wonderful as always, remains The only defect the band ... With the Innocent Criminals were a wonderful group and musically fantastic.
I also was hoping with Plant in a piece, perhaps in Whole Lotta Love

bise's picture

simply fantastic..you're the best!!

sguazt's picture

As always, Ben gave us his all.
Unfortunately, from the tribune, the sound system was very bad bad bad (IMO).
Ah, also, it was a pity to not see Ben & Robert to a make a jam session. I hoped for it :(