07.22.11 Nîmes, France

Festival de Nîmes Les Arènes de Nîmes with Robert Plant

I Was There
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Solo acoustic performances of "With My Own Two Hands" and "Burn One Down."

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Do D's picture

I had an unanticipated! I have not gone there despite my tickets in hand! I'm sad! it will be for another time

Nog23's picture

I was there and it was awesome ! Drum's solo on Lay there and hate me was just fantastic ! thank you all the band

mediator13200's picture

Ben , tu es un grand Monsieur. Tu nous fait rêver et tu nous fera toujours rêver. tu es un modèle pour beaucoup d'entre nous. MERCI pour tout ce que tu nous donne !!!!

poyico's picture

très très grande classe Mr ben harper aux arènes de nimes .

Jerem30's picture

Just Awesome !!
My first concert was 4years ago in Oakland for Lifeline with the Innocent Criminals, was amazing and best of all I got to meet him after the show !!
When I saw he was coming to Nimes ( basically my town !! ) there was no hesitation !! I didn't get to see him this time but was awesome concert, same voice same passion, it gets even better everytime !
Till next time !!
A realllllll french fan !!!!!!!

rosey.197385910's picture

Simply Stunning, fantastic lineup, breathtaking setting and amazing performances from all three bands. Ben's 'solo' moment will live with me for the rest of my life. What a Wonderful experience.

Dignou's picture

One of my best Ben Harper show...Great !!!

lebowski's picture

Disappointing. Ben, the band and the audience were in good mood, the sound was good (unlike during Robert Plant set) but something was missing. I saw the setlist before the set and wasn't enthusiastic by the selection of songs. But, worst of all, it seems that Ben and the band had to rush to finish the show. They didn't play "By my side" which was on the setlist for the 1st encore and they didn't play the 2nd encore (2 songs, I didn't see which ones). There is probably a curfew in place for outdoor concerts in Nimes but then what is the point to have a show starting at 8pm with 3 bands on the program...
I wish those attending the show in Carcassonne a complete set.

rosey.197385910's picture

What??? are you for real? If so then you need to get a grip brother!

lebowski's picture

To be honest, I would have preferred to say that it was great but I do have a couple of other shows to compare to (12 over the last 15 years) and this one wasn't on top of the list.
Fortunately, it seems that the show in Carcassonne was much better.

Patrice's picture

Hello there!
What a great great date with Asaf Avidan & the Mojos (this guy is incredible and really rocks !!!!) & Robert Plant !
Ben, we saw you so many times... it is always some pure magic moments for us, we just can't wait !
As we saw you are playing "no quarter" on your tour, we really hope you'll do something special ;-), on this special night, with Robert & Asaf (a Led Zep superfan too !).
Peace, Love & ROCK !!!
Pat & Marie