07.23.11 Carcassone, France

Festival de Carcassonne Théâtre Jean Deschamps

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"Walk Away" through "With My Own Two Hands" performed solo acoustic.

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Great show ! Second show in a row, after Nîmes the night before. Special moment was "No quarter" from Led Zep, FANTASTIC ! I was expecting something special with Robert Plant in Nimes but no... just imagine the same song with him on stage ! BTW Ben, what about the Markis surfboards T shirt ?

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What a show ! Thank you so much for this beatifull moment, it was magic, the end of the concert with "Where could i go" was awesome, amazing, can't really find the words to describe what Ben has done...One of the best concert of my life...

Thank you again, Hope we could see you again in Carcassonne !

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If any have a ticket more and want to sell it, please tell me! marcsanz@mac.com
sold out so quickly and no spain dates... :(
Thks a lot!!

Marco :)