07.25.11 Saint-Malo-du-Bois, France

Festival de Poupet

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The place in Poupet is so great, your band was amazing, I really enjoy listening to your music such a long time ! Lots of images are going to stay in my mind reminding me this concert, especially the part when you play solo with the bottleneck ! so good ! Thanks a lot for your generosity and your talent. It was me, discovering you... now i'm going to explore all of your songs ... See you later !

Emy's picture

Was there, and enjjjjjoyed it !
I hope that you're aware of how pleased was the audience.. it' was a great night.
You said you were sorry not to be able to speak other languages, but you didn't needed anyone : every one got it.
I've been to a few of your concerts in France, since the first I attended in 2000 (gosh! it's been quite a while... make me feel old). Poupet was the first outdoor I went to. Kind of suits the music.
Hoping to see you soon back in Brittany.

Françoise's picture

Hi Ben !
I was in St Malo du Bois. It was really great ! The way you play the guitar is just amazing and your voice is so pure ! I talked to your truck driver on the following day and asked him to thank you for the concert, maybe he did... Enjoy your next concerts. See you in 2 years, as promised !

1561647484@facebook's picture

Thank you Ben for the great evening last night. It was such an unforgettable night and I appreciate all the show you brought and shared with all of us in the crowd. Your solo bottleneck guitar performance was really amazing.
The framework of open-air theatre of Poupet was really a nice place to feel good vibes.
You're welcome and hope to see you again.

Dylanb's picture

Ben, I Love You ! Your concert was monstrous !!!!
You are the best artist, with Bob Marley, in the world !
Your concert was monstrous !!!!

I'm a big fan from you, and for long time !!