07.28.11 Lucerne, Switzerland

Blue Balls Festival

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Tom Freund sat in with Ben for "Pleasure and Pain."

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Dear Ben
thanks one more time for your music through all these years and at this concert, it was great!!!
the black stone I gave you gives you good power, its a rolling stone like us. ;-)
roll on
all the best Andi

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Though I have an older and the latest CD from Ben Harper I did not quite know what to expect, in fact I was a bit worried to have chosen the wrong event at Lucerne Blue Balls Festival. But after Ben appeared on stage, with a warm smile on his face and his gentle gestures, my doubts were gone before he had played a single note. Among his first songs were "Don't Give Up On Me Now", "Diamonds from the Inside" and "I will not be broken". I was stunned, his voice and also the instruments came as clearly as the water from a swiss mountain creek. Later he played songs from the older CD's and there was quite a long session only Ben with his acoustic or lap guitar(s). The quality of the performance was brilliant. After his Texas based band (Relentless7) had returned on stage it got quite rocky and Ben tortured his slide guitar a couple of times. After 90 minutes it all climaxed in the religious "Where could I go", as Ben left his microphone behind and screamed the last few lines solo into the surprised audience. Actually it would have been a perfect end for the concert but the crowd wanted more. And they got more. Ben and the band came back powerful with songs like "Fly one Time" and "Dirty little Lover". Finally they played "Better Way", Ben and his band stopped performing and marched arm in arm to the front of the stage, the audience kept singing on "better way", thankful for the electric and incredible time shared with Ben Harper and Relentless7.

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yep, cool you guys coming to switzerland! thanx for your music! andi