07.30.11 Verona, Italy

Castello Scaligero Di Villafranca

I Was There
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Tom Freund sat in with Ben for "Pleasure and Pain." The song was preceded with a slide improv by Ben into part of Mississippi Fred McDowell's "You Gotta Move" (also played by The Rolling Stones). "With My Own Two Hands" was performed solo acoustic. Ben started "Amen Omen" solo acoustic and was joined by the band. "Better Than I Deserve" is a brand new song written today.

Who Went

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Kika's picture

One of the best thing I've done in my life! Thanks for this incredible show... It's all inside me now

Michela Penazzi's picture

There are no words to explain what a magical atmosphere you created inside that castle... THANK YOU for all the emotions you give us with your Beautiful Music!

What a concert!! ... and what a beautiful person you are!
Hope to see you soon!



PS: SORRY for my english!! ;-)

felipe's picture

just one more thing to say...

@ben's guitar tech (sorry if i don't know your name)
i'm the guy with the FOM t-shirt in the front row... i just wanted to thank you a million again for those lovely gifts... god bless you :-)

vanloon's picture

It isn't easy to find some words to explain emotions I feel.
I saw you few days before in Milan and I felt a storm of emotions and in Verona all that emotions were stronger and stronger.
Every time I saw you in concert is like the first time.
How I can say?
Simply thank you.
Thank you Ben, Jason, Jesse, Jordan, Justin and all.
Like I a wrote on the t-shirt "You can change our world with your own music!"
...And you're better than we deserve :)

felipe's picture

ben, i really don't know what to say...

every time i see you, with the innocent criminals, relentless7 or alone like a few months back in milan, you just blow me away with your music, your energy and passion...

YOU are definitely better than i deserve...

mujer_esponja's picture

What a magical concert!!
I enjoyed a lot, and I'll never forget my first BH concert!!!
Thanks Mr.!!!!!!

PS. I had no camera at all, and I would like some pictures or videos (specially when Ben went down from the stage!!!!). Would be anybody so kind to contact me?? I ask one girl that night, but I was not able to find her :(
Thanks people!!

quiara's picture

Hey!I am that girl, I'm sorry you could't find me!
You can give me your contact ID on facebook and I'll add you. I think I'll upload the videos on my youtube account so that everyone can enjoy them :)
It was a great concert!

mujer_esponja's picture

Thank youuuuu!!! :))
That's me!!!

rossmichele91960's picture

Tonight's had it all!!!
After a cool beginning with Tom Freund, we've had the pleasure to listen to two hours and a half of great music, and the honor to hear a brand new song written just in the morning and performed here for the very first time ever!!!
It's been an unbelievable night and an unforgettable show. This was my first BH concert, even if I know his music since the beginning, and it was just awesome...I hope you guys will record a live cd after you're done with all your shows for this year..it would be a perfect autumn/winter gift :) !!! Thanks again for all these emotions BHR7! I'll see you again as soon as I can

glenda74's picture

BEN, YOU ARE BETTER THAN I DESERVE!!!!....amazing concert!!!....thank you so much.
I'll never forget this summer with you!!!!

CateJuly's picture



comi69's picture

FINALLY yesterday I've seen my first Ben Harper concert... I've missed him too many times in the past.
It was simply AMAZING, this man sings and plays with his heart open wide, can't wait to see him live once again.

paolomj's picture

Wonderful show even better than Lucca. Thank you Ben

streetspirit73's picture

Some pictures from the amazing Villafranca gig here:

888530005@facebook's picture


Gianni's picture

Only a word: Thank's!!!

elenapozzoardizzi27533's picture

Incredible and amazing show last night in Verona! Ben you're really really magic... always great emotions and very good vibes ;-) thank you!

888530005@facebook's picture

At the end of the acoustic encore Ben played Amen Omen... my favourite song!

It was my first one with Ben, but it was better than I deserve ( :D )...

Great setlist and great emotions, in a wonderful place. Just the better!

giuzampi's picture

yesterday he played also "amen omen" ! my favourite :)
it was.......I don't know...without words! only shivers and emotions! better than I deserve :) thank you Ben!

Fillo Pedraz's picture

"without words", lol

rossmichele91960's picture

- 6 days!!!! We're going to Fly One Time!!!

supervale1056's picture

i biglietti si potranno comprare anche direttamente lì?

IL MazzY's picture

Excuse-me mister
do ya have the time....they said the time will kill the pain, but I say the pain is gonna kill my time....but you got to use, use your own two hands.....Puoi aspettare tutta la vita senza sapere cosa stai aspettando veramente.
30 LUGLIO 2011

Jesus_in_sneakers's picture

Scusate qualcuno può dirmi la scaletta che farà al Castello di Villafranca?grazie in anticipo!! (: