08.05.11 Avenches, Switzerland

Festival Rock Oz'Arènes with Rodrigo y Gabriela, Stephen Marley

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missing in this setlist, but played : Better than I deserve

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Dear Ben
Wow, what a concert! You rocked the arena!
For me it was concert nr. 8, a very special one! Yes, you were right, what an incredible place! And it was an incredible band. Thanks to the 4 Js as well, you made the night magic!
You and your music (and your lyrics) is really... well there are no words really. But I thik it is important in our time in our world, that people like you share their blessings with the world. Thank you for that!
Yes, music is the universal language.
And you deserve our love as anyone in this world deserves love.
I had the joy and pleasure to meet you personally for a few minutes in Lucerne by chance (I gave you the black rolling stone); you are really friendly and natural and you have a very pure vibe.
We all are like these rolling stones, there are billions of them, and every single one is unique and very special.
Hope you come back to europe soon!
If you need some artwork or yoga lessons, let me know, seriously.


joy, peace, freedom and love
from my children and wife too


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Hi Ben!

We met last night in Avenches after your show when you were getting to the bus. I would like to thank you very much for the time you took for me there. I was really impressed by you being so nice and natural!

In the rush, I forgot to give you my contact because I would be more than happy to have the opportunity to speak with you few more words. So if you see this message, can you leave me a way to contact you at mena.julien@gmail.com ?
It would mean the world to me to see you again whenever you come back in or around Switzerland! So many things I would like to share with you about music, guitars, life and everything!

Thanks again for all and especially for the tonebar you gave me it was so caring!


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And by the way, if you could send me 1 or 2 VIP passes it would be really cool ! ;)

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What a great news ! Coming to Switzerland AGAIN ! Yeah ! Cant wait for my 21st Ben's Gig !

Wish for a sunny day and a possible meet up !