08.06.11 Colmar, France

Festival Foire aux Vins d'Alsace Théâtre de Plein Air with Yodelice

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Hadr1's picture

Thanks Ben & Relentless7 for this unforgettable concert in Colmar!
It was the third time I have been to your concert (Paris Bercy 2003, Luxembourg 2010)!
A real pleasure shared with friends! The rain during the concert made it more magical!

I hope I will see you soon on stage in France...

stumminello's picture

J'ai été decu par ce concert de ben. Pourquoi? Le son etait tres mauvais, le temps horrible, la prestation musicale n'etait pas au top...bref un des plus mauvais concert que j'ai pu voir de ben...j'espere pouvoir assister à d'autres concerts ou l'ensemble du matériel et de l'accoustique pourra rendre ce que Ben donne. En attendant, le morceau accapella a pu rattraper cette journée

Vtec711's picture

Only one word about this gig : UNBELIEVEBABLE !
A very BIG THANK YOU, Ben and also your Band , of course , for giving me and my wife so much Peace , Love, Happiness and Emotions together ! It was our 11th gig of you since `95 and we have to say , that it was one of the Best we've seen , since we follow your road....
Hope you will have a great souvenir from your travel in Alsace....we will !!
God bless you & keep rocking !

Manu .

vanillekoko's picture

If I remember well, I think it miss three titles in setlist "encore 1":
(She's only happy in the sun)
Fly one time

funkymonks25's picture

Legend... Wait For It... Dary!
Live report on www.sensationrock.net

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M@XFAN's picture

I was there for the first time..... it was AWESOME, so amazing moments, so much energy, so much talent, so much all ! sing whitout mic... few people can do it... only the best.... You're are the best! So, thanks a lot Ben, we thank you enough for sharing these moments with us.... once again : YOU'RE THE BEST


vanillekoko's picture

It's the third time I've seen Ben Harper's concert, the first time in Strasbourg, second in Olympia, Paris, and yesterday in Colmar, and it was the best moment I've ever had!!
He sang us his new sweet song... "to love you is my MASTERPIECE", and at this time I had a personnal moment with him: I traduce him the song title in french on a paper he gave me, he read it as he could (so cute!) and he brought me this little paper back with his autograph and a heart...
Really fantastic moment !! I couldn't hope it...
Does everyone know in which way I could write to him, just to thank him for this anecdote (before he foget it)!!

1428527628@facebook's picture

hey! i remember that so you were the guy who made the translation "chef d'oeuvre" lucky u... i was there too
such a great time we spent that night with ben and is awesome band

vanillekoko's picture

Yes I am, but I'm not a guy ;) That's why he said me "I trust in you" because he thought I could have written a weak love message to him!
Certainly for the 11899 other spectators this moment wasn't as magical as lived it!! But it's so real, this concert was really touching and awesome!
I wait now or the next!

Purplefairy's picture

I'm totally happy when I'm thinking about going to the Ben Harper concert in Colmar....
I have to travel about 300miles from Germany to Colmar but I don't care it's worth every mile!!
One of the best birthdaygifts ever!!Thanks to my specialfriend Martin - I'm so proud to name you my friend ; )