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My first BH show, and he did not dissapoint. I was in the front row, and I was blown away the entire time. I got so emotional durring Amen Omen. Such a great spiritual hit me in the heart song. Les schwab was a more than I expected. The crowd was amazing. Jenny O was a fantastic pic for an opener. The only thing I could ask of Ben now is to check out the britt festival in Jacksonville OR and play there. The laid back atmosphere is so appropriate. The intimate setting is perfect. The scenery is breathtaking, and the fans can bring there own food,wine and beer to enjoy without going broke:) I love you ben pls consider!

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Lots of fun to see Ben while on vacation with the family, brought the kids and the venue was FANTASTIC, what a great space. The show matched the venue perfectly, being able to buy a bottle of wine and watch the show sitting on the grass with your family is a great summer experience. So nice to hear some of the old classics, Burn One Down was a real treat, I thought he would never play that again.
Saw him the next night in Redmond and again tonight in Vancouver; on tour with Ben and my family.

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Outstanding show! The inclusion of Springsteen, Zeppelin and Neil Young songs was a nice touch.
Also a good mix of new and old stuff which kept if fresh.
I have seen Mr. Harper a number of times but the intimacy of the venue put this one at the top of the list.
He was so gracious toward his fans that it made me appreciate him all the more.
Overall five big stars!

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CANT WAIT TO HEAR NUMBER WITH NO NAME AGAIN!!!! my 2nd ben harper show!!,

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Do we know who is opening up this show?? Can't wait!

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We've got our tix for Bend; been checking set lists and hope to hear Glory & Consequence as an OR special!