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6th time seeing Ben, and this show was phenominal. Awesome, awesome, awesome show. Easily the best show I've attended, post-innocent criminals era Ben.

Any tapers out there? Or point me where the BH traders hang out these days?

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awesome show though I noticed the set list given is not correct Ben never played Another Lonely Day and he did play Walk Away

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This was my second show of his and it was absolutely amazing. I loved every second of it. I can't wait to see him again next time he comes to the PNW!

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At long last, my first Ben show! It was amazing and such a beautiful magical night in the Great Pacific Northwest! Set list is missing Walk Away which was immediately after Ben gave the wide eyed little boy his slide. It was the song right before Ben said he was going off setlist and played Morning Yearning. I was standing nearby and recorded it all on my phone. I will attempt to post video!

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Video now uploaded!

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My son Coleton will be 2 on Sept. 10th and the show in Marymoor Park was his 3rd time seeing Ben Harper. We've been to shows before, but the one Saturday night had a special vibe to it. I truly felt Ben connecting with the audience. He then went off the playlist and I knew he felt it too. After playing "Morning Yearning" he motioned to my son to come up. I couldn't believe it.!!! He was on my fiances shoulders and they hurried to the stage. Ben handed Coleton his guitar slide. It just topped an already amazing performance. It was a magical night that will be remembered forever. Thank you Ben!! And thank you Lori for capturing it!!!

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hey its the tall guy from Canada with the red headed wife who were beside you...not sure if you were aware or not but there is a pretty sweet pic of Coleton gettin the slide handed to him on Ben's Facebook page with the comment "A lucky youngster gets a guitar slide in Redmond, WA." check it out, I'm sure you'll dig it.!/media/set/?set=a.137925065441.229302.12179710441&type=1
It was nice to meet you all and we had a great time, what a super night of music and memories it was...I managed to snag a guitar pick from Jason and the lil fella that went on my shoulders for a song gave me one of his pins from the 3 pack being sold at the merch stand. Told him he didn't have to do it, but his mom insisted...Vancouver show the next night for us was pretty sweet as well (again) 4 or 5 rows back in the centre and got another guitar pick from Jason and one from Ben too! Didn't have the same vibe/energy to it that Marymoor Park had - crowd wasn't giving as much energy back to Ben and the band, but still a great show. Hopefully next time Ben is playin the Pacific Northwest we'll cross paths again and we'll have our kids with us too. All the best, Pat and Lindsay

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Happy early 2nd birthday to little man Coleton, what a gift!! It was my pleasure to witness and capture, Bobbie! :) I'm thinking I might have to bring my little men along next time. It's good to get them on the right musical path early.

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Second Ben show in two nights (in Vancouver, my home town, tonight for the third). The crowd was incredible and it clearly moved Ben, that was really great to see, having him play a song spontaneously, "Morning Yearning", that he by his own accord has not played in ages, was one of the all time great concert moments for me. Brought on by the number of small people in the audience, he even reached out and gave a toddler, who was on his dad's shoulders, his guitar slide. A great image, baby on shoulders, bottle in one hand guitar slide in the other. Would love to know if that kid ends up playing guitar. The crowd just got more appreciative from there, the audience participation in "Better Way" and "Better Than I Deserve" was just so wonderful to be part of. Ben puts out for his fans, loves his fans and is an absolute pleasure to watch perform, I hope he can come close to it again tonight.

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This was my 20-somethingth show and the first for my 16-month-old daughter. I'm so glad she was able to experience this show in particular. The music, spirit, and community of the show was absolutely amazing. I am consistently awed by Ben's musicality, passion for growth and community, and heartfelt gratitude for his fans. Thank you for continuing to shine your bright light and sharing it with the world. Can't wait for the next show!

Personal highlights of the show:

* Better Way - WOW!
* hearing some beautiful new songs - Vein in Vain, Better Than I Deserve
* Low-key version of With My Own Two Hands brought tears to my eyes
* Dancing with my baby girl

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It was so cool to see so many young ones in awe! What a wonderful experience for you and your daughter to share. Ben said he wouldn't cuss when he noticed all the children in attendance and he didn't! :)

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Completely agree! What a show to start your baby girl in this amazing artist's work!

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Awesome show! More steel guitar please!