08.28.11 Vancouver, Canada

Malkin Bowl with Jenny O.

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"Not Fire Not Ice" through "Burn One Down" solo acoustic.

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redleader11's picture

So that was my 8th time seeing Ben, and have seen him in all the local venues - Plaza, T-Bird, Commodore, Orpheum, and now Malkin...

Malkin was definitely a cool show unto itself, and was actually pretty unique! I was able to grab the setlist from the sound guy, and to put that uniqueness into perspective, his response was this...

Sound Guy: "Good luck using the setlist to remember the show!"...a couple of small laughs from the other lighting fellas and whatnot
Me: "How come?"
Sound Guy: "Well after about the fourth song, he followed it for about four songs, then he was off the map completely!! Totally off the grid!"
Other Sound Guy: "We had no idea what he was going to play next the entire night!"
Sound Guy: "He rarely goes that far off the map!"
Me: "Wow! Thanks!! Great show tonight!"

And for the $64,000 question...what was the original setlist?!?!?! VERY cool to compare! That setlist is below!!!

During the show, me and my buddy even looked at each other and said, "They're winging it a little here!" So throw in that kind of personal touch to the show, and what I saw to be a REAL laid back Ben who was all smiles, as well as the same kind of vibe crowd (which yes, the Van crowds always seem to be, less for that unreal Commodore show!), and yep, this Malkin show was outstanding!

Oh, and I got a FULL SHOUT OUT from Ben...after he said he was gonna play some real soft and quiet, as well as some real hard and loud, I yelled "Play all night Ben! We're here all night!", to which he laughed, pointed and yelled back at me, "You're gonna be the last person here at 5 in the morning, and I'm gonna play just for you until then!" AWESOME!!

Talking about the venue and the time restraints, interesting that he played 17 songs, and the setlist below has 20...so I absolutely believe that Malkin and the by-laws are the reasons he didn't play songs into the mid 20's, as has been the case for a bunch of shows, as mentioned above by "withnail" who saw Redmond and Seattle. BUT, the time that would have been spent playing the other 3 songs, I think, was spent in dialogue with the crowd...and I am totally cool with that! Made this show very intimate, imho!!

So here's the original setlist, from the Sound Guys...

I'm On Fire...
Number With No Name
Rock and Roll Is Free
Lay There And Hate Me
(Round neck sitting)
(Round neck sitting)
Forever (standing)
Amen Omen...one of my ALL TIME fav Ben songs!! Got to see him play it at the Commodore though!! :)

(Slide) Lifeline
Don't Give Up On Me
Fly One Time
Vein In Vain
By My Side
No Quarter
Better Way
Better Than I Deserve

Adds/drops to the setlists, and what the end net is...

So the 2 (Round neck sitting)'s were obviously Ben's choice, so that's a wash!

9 dropped songs - Forever, Amen Omen, Lifeline, Don't Give Up On Me, Fly One Time, Vein In Vain, By My Side, No Quarter, Ohio

7 added songs - Steal My Kisses, Not Fire Not Ice, I Shall Not Walk Alone, Walk Away, Another Lonely Day, Sexual Healing, Burn One Down

At the end of the day, it's all your personal taste in Ben's catalogue, and it "is of the greatest worth"...

A treat...

Hail Hail The Black Circle's picture

Redleader11 aka Craig, heard your shout and reply with Ben loud and clear, great info on the setlist. My wife and I really enjoyed the addition of Not Fire Not Ice as it was our wedding song and given that it has been around since '93 and played only 46 times I'd say it classifies as a rarity (I did see it in '00 at one of the aforementioned Plaza of Nations shows, but before I'd met my wife). Also saw the show in Redmond night before Malkin and Ben was really inspired by the crowd and for the singalong tagged to Betterway when the crowd continued singing after the song was done he commented that it felt like a European festival crowd - the Vancouver crowd was somewhat lackluster in the energy return to the stage (maybe the bass solo went a lil long and slowed some momentum?). After checking out youtube footage of Ben and R7 covering Led Zep No Quarter in San Franciso I'd say we missed out (maybe not the lady in front row who requested Sexual Healing) and would gladly trade some of the stage banter and Sexual Healing cover (saw it in '00 and twice in '03 already) for that gem of a tune...regardless I'm sure no one left disappointed cause no matter who Ben plays with as a backing band, IC or R7, he's going to deliver the goods and play from his heart and soul changin the world with his own two hands.

redleader11's picture

Just watched No Quarter from SF...SWEET!! Have to agree with you on the swap out with Sexual, or another here or there!! Would have been good to see these Fellas rock it out again!
I've come to the idea that it fair to liken the R7 to Neil Young's Crazy Horse...I think, and I could be waaaaaay out there, but I think this band is the one that Ben will fancy when he wants to indulge his musical whims! in the coming years! A band that can play his entire catalogue, but also take him in a more bluesy/rock vein, that seems to be a go to these last couple years...
Just a thought!
Great to hear about NFNI, that's damn special!!


Sarcona's picture

Please tour with the criminals again, no comparing. Show was pretty good, it's my 10th BH show, crowd did not rise up to meet Ben as much as he'd probably like, only two encore compared to 6-8 at other shows on this tour. Band didn't seem tight, drum solo was pretty good but bass solo was definitely lacking and seemed like he couldn't wait for it to end. Didn't like the idea of taking requests, played burn on down in an attempt to get the crowd into it but no such luck. Remember the plaza of nations shows? That song brought the house down and the smoke up! Overall not too bad of a show but definitely lacking the emotion of past.

withnail's picture

Well I agree that the crowd was not as in to it as I would've liked, the lack of alcohol sales would have a something to do with that. I saw the two shows just before this one in Bend and Redmond and they were serving beer and wine in outdoor venues, way more civilized than uptight Vancouver. The crowd in Redmond (Seattle) was awesome but the show in Vancouver was better. I am not so quick to say the IC are the better band, it is a different sound and feel, this is a rock band, IC was more R&B/soul/funk not fair to compare, but hey I get that you may like the style more, personally I think they are both good and like them both, depends on my mood. (I just hope he abandons Fistful of Mercy, or they produce something way more inspiring)
As for the encore it is clear that it is not about the crowd it is a time thing, he said it straight up in Redmond. 10 pm is a cut off for these outdoor shows, I am sure he would have done more in both Vancouver and Seattle if it weren't for that time constriction, this is where indoor shows are better, but again depends on the venue, places like the Orpheum where they have unionized staff make strict time limits the rule.
As for taking requests, wow, talk about a difference in opinion, I thought that was over the top cool, its what makes seeing him three nights in a row so cool, he did NOT do that anywhere else, and as a result we saw two classics that no one else got to see "Steal My Kisses" and "Sexual Healing", that kind of looseness and spontaneity are what made this a great concert. Again I have always felt that Vancouver audiences are lame, I have never seen them rise to the level of the performers (I missed the Plaza show so I can't comment on that) but over the years seeing shows here and in other places, like Seattle and Montreal, Vancouver crowds do not stack up well. We are way too laid back, we kind of sit there and want to be entertained rather than understanding that it is symbiotic thing between the crowd and the performer and the more you put into the show the more you get back.
That being said we were by far the best audience for Jenny O the opening act and she really gave her best performance of the three nights, and I think that really pumped up Ben and the boys to put on what I thought was a first class performance.

redleader11's picture

Good stuff!! Is there anything better than a summer tour crawl?!?!?! Sounds like a great road trip!

billiecorbett9253's picture

I love BH...
The concert was great.
Being an older person and a loyal fan, I was disappointed the venue didn't allow chairs...and then everyone stood in front of you.
You are left with no option but to stand...what's with that?
Is there no concert rules or etiquette anymore?

Leah laughing one's picture

Great show Ben thanks for coming to Vancouver

523866944@facebook's picture

Thanks for the set list. It was a wonderful show! FYI: Walk Away was before Another Lonely Day.

Moose73's picture

What a great show. I didn't miss the IC for the first time, since R7 have definitely evolved as a band over the past few years. Once again, you got a wide variety of music at a BH show. Ben was talking and joking with the crowd like I've never seen him do before and taking requests! The countryfied version of Steal My Kisses was pretty sweet as was watching him try to remember how Sexual Healing goes during the large solo acoustic part of the show. The solo part was a highlite of the night. Can't wait for the next tour!

842324762@facebook's picture

I was up front right there in front of him. This show was SIMPLY AMAZING!