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Love the new song!!! Amazing concert @ Del Mar, cheers from brazil!!!

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Ben.. Thanks for the incredible show, I loved it! I hope you can come to Mexico soon, it would be amazing to see you here! Oooo Oooo Oooo... you are better than I deserve! I <3 you Ben!

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Ben was great last night! I am always amazed at how humble he is and how grateful he is for his fans. Well Ben, we are all grateful for your music and the divine artistry you bring into our lives. Thanks for yet another amazing Ben Harper experience, your music uplifts and inspires us all.

PS. Your new songs were great.

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Boy I thought Ben sounded great tonite. As did the whole band. They opened with a Bruce Sprinsten song, played an awesome version of no-quarter, N towards the end they played Under Pressure from David Bowie. N man Ben nailed every note of that song. You sounded incredible Ben. The whole set was great, alittle slower than I'm used to but great to hold my lady too. The crowd wasn't bad, alittle loud @ times but it was nice to get so close to Ben. I think he played more songs in the encore than he did before they took the break.

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I think this is much of the setlist that I can remember (please correct me):

I'm on Fire (Springsteen)
Number with no name
Diamonds on the Inside
Rock N Roll is Free
Amen Omen
No Quarter (Led Zeppelin)
Why Must you always dress in Black
Better Way
Better than I deserve
Under Pressure (Queen/Bowie)
With My Own Hands