09.27.11 Montréal, Canada

Métropolis with The Barr Brothers

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MartinHMBenHarper's picture

Great setlist....sorry I missed that. Actually thought about makin the trip from Toronto too.....ahh crap! Won't second guess next time.

Hope's picture

It was so good....I cried WOW!!

Medley's picture

A lot of emotions! I hope you will come back to Montreal soon! I'll be there again!!!!
Thank you!!!!
" Oooh...Ooooh...Ooooh...You're better than I deserve"

faivy's picture

Great show. People should check out the Barr Brothers who opened for Ben. Great music

navee4525691's picture

Another great show by BH. Saw him last time at Metropolis, he never ceases to amaze.

You're Better Than I Deserve....

Jobrien204A's picture

Can someone who is there post a set list and review? I am dying to know as going Thursday!

julz's picture

Hey Montreal Harper fans! I have a "life-size" cut out of Ben that I'm giving away. It's from the Burn to Shine album, it was part of the 1999 promo of the CD and it's signed by him. If you are in the Mtl area and willing to pick it up, it's yours! P.m. me!

cedric danger's picture

hey Julz, i live in the area and i ll grab anything from ben harper that i can get! msg me cedrikdanger@hotmail.com

thx a lot

Braknab's picture

Hi JULZ, if you still have it I would be interested in picking it up, I live in the south shore but have relative's in in MTL eitheir way easy for me to pick it up, please contact me on my cell 514 293-3407, phone might be off as I am going to the IMPACT