09.30.11 Boston, MA

House of Blues Boston with Grace Woodroofe

I Was There
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Kyle Crusham and Grace Woodroofe sat in on Neil Young's "Helpless." Crusham also played guitar on "No Quarter." "Glory & Consequence" included a verse and chorus from Pearl Jam's "Jeremy."

Who Went

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MaiCsHarper's picture

Honestly despite my love for Tool, this was the best concert ever!

cmoore2032's picture

Was a great show. During Glory and Consequence they did a the first verse and chorus of "Jeremy"

842324762@facebook's picture

I can't fucking believe I missed the rendition of Helpless....this hurts really bad.

barfmoo's picture

sure would be awesome if the password for the ticket site was posted somewhere or sent out to the mailing list.

AngellHeart's picture

It was... GIVE :)

Bauer24's picture

Dude - the password is the same one they sent out last week - nothing has changed!