10.04.11 Washington, DC

9:30 Club with Grace Woodroofe

I Was There
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Grace Woodroofe and Kyle Crusham sat in on "Helpless." "Excuse Me Mr." was performed with the full band. Ben sang "I've Handled Myself Wrong" and "H." with Grace Woodroofe during her opening set.

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Concert was amazing. It's 4 days later and we are still telling people about it. Mr. Harper was on stage for over 3 hours and just blew the place up. This was my first time seeing him in concert and I was most impressed by his humility and his gratitude for how much the crowd appreciated every song. He also spotlighted the band whenever possible and tried to share the stage rather than dominate it. An incredible artist and performer and I truly hope he comes back to the east coast of the U.S. soon because this is a "can't miss" show. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this experience.

arachne's picture

I loved the show so much. I couldn't get enough. I didn't want it to end.

Harper McClure's picture

any ideas for downloads of this show? I know its a little soon, but man do I want a copy

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Amazing show as usual. My wife saw you in NYC a few nights ago and agreed that the band is so tight. Loved hearing the acapella version of "Where Could I Go". Still sends chills up my spine. Nothing beats the version from the Warner Theater a few years back. I was in in awe in the third row when Ben stepped up to sing it and you could hear a pin drop. Cannot wait to see you again tonight at the 9:30.

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AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. i've been a fan of ben's for the last 10 years....it was truly spiritual to see him live FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

can anyone remember a basic set list? if not, does anyone remember the gospel-y song where he came into the audience and stood on some lucky people's hands? that gave me the shivers and i'm dying to know what it is.


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It is Where Could I Go. It is on the Blind Boys album.

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thank YOU!!!

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Completely and utterly amazing concert last night in DC. Without a doubt the best concert I have ever seen.

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Most amazing Ben show ever tonight at 9:30 in D.C. Unbelievable. :)

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Absolutely amazing show....Pearl Jam Jeremy was crazy, best show I've seen in a really long time....thank you so much!!!!!