10.05.11 Washington, DC

9:30 Club with Grace Woodroofe

I Was There
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Grace Woodroofe and Kyle Crusham sat in on "Helpless." Crusham also played guitar on "Vein In Vain", "Spilling Faith" and "No Quarter." Ben sang "I've Handled Myself Wrong" and "H." with Grace Woodroofe during her opening set.

Who Went

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I'm pretty sure it was "H." She wrote it about Heath Ledger after he passed away. Ledger had essentially discovered and encouraged her when she was around 16.

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Amazing show, as good as the one that went 3 hours at Ritz Ybor last year. Can anyone tell me the name of the song Grace and Ben sang together during her set that brought her to tears? I'd love to read the lyrics over.

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I believe it was Helpless.