12.09.11 São Paulo, Brazil

Via Funchal with Tono

I Was There
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Vanessa da Mata sat in for "Boa Sorte." First three songs in encore performed solo acoustic.

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camaral76's picture

Amazing show. Finally watched a show of Ben Harper. Very exciting, God willing I'll be there next tour in Brazil. Come back here more often to Ben.

aoleite's picture

Many Thanks! Number with no name was incredible! What a song, mate!
And Thanks for the Dr. Sócrates tribute in the and.
Two idols connecteds! Best Regards and keep your Corinthians jersey!

mizz's picture

When She Believes, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!

Daniel_S's picture

Hi!! I'm so looking forward to this!
the online ticket purchase doesn't seem to work though...

aoleite's picture

Ben, be wellcome to São Paulo again. Who is coming? R7?
Please, Number with no name is needed!


JaqueVargas's picture

Amazing show in São Paulo..... Thanks.